An Ode to Nino Schurter: Custom SCOTT Spark RC World Cup AXS Build

An Ode to Nino Schurter: Custom SCOTT Spark RC World Cup AXS Build

Written by Cody Wignall, on March 03, 2021

We're going to say it: more people ought to talk about the run Nino Schurter has had in the past ten years. With seven men's cross-country world championship wins, six overall UCI World Cup wins, and a gold medal in the 2016 Olympics, Schurter's dominant run is nothing short of legendary. More impressive is that he's done it all on the SCOTT Spark. Think of this custom Spark RC World Cup build as just as much a dedication to Schurter's prowess at the highest level as it is a cool bike build. Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup SRAM XX1 AXS ENVE - Contender Bicycles The build went as follows: the bike's owner wanted something to replace their well-used cross-country bike, with something that could handle myriad riding conditions without sacrificing a lightweight feel or pedaling efficiency. The Spark RC and specifically this 2019 SCOTT Spark RC 900 World Cup N1NO Edition was the go-to. TwinLoc was imperative for them, as it gives the rider control over when and what part of the suspension is and isn't locked out on the bike. Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup XX1 AXS Detail - Contender Bicycles With more discussion, they decided to add in a SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS groupset and Shimano XTR M9100 race brakes, and eventually the ENVE M525 to Industry Nine Hydra wheelset. The aim was low weight, but reliability and serviceability were essential to their needs. Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup Custom Blip Shifter - Contender Bicycles The trick piece here is the Rockshox Reverb AXS wireless dropper post and how it's controlled. SCOTT mountain bikes already have the TwinLoc suspension remote on the bottom of the handlebar, precisely where a standard Reverb AXS lever would go. To rectify that, we went with a SRAM Blip button cut into an ESI grip, which made for a clean install that allows riders to control both the dropper and TwinLoc remotes at the same time. If it is good enough for Nino's and Kate Courtney's bikes, it is good enough for us. Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup AXS Detail - Contender Bicycles There are not a ton of ways to pay homage to riders as dominant as Nino Schurter. We think that this build does a good job of it out of the box. The best way to pay homage to Nino's success is to go out and ride; good thing this bike's owner plans to take this bike all over the world and cover it with dirt and grime. Custom Scott Spark 900 World Cup - Contender Bicycles We had a ton of fun with the opportunity to build this bike. Contact us by phone during business hours, or send an email any time to with any questions.


  • Sharon,

    I’ve sent you an email detailing prices and availability of components, but I think we can not only do everything you’re looking for, but I think we can upgrade your SCOTT Spark RC for far less than your budget.

    Drop me a line if you wish –

    Alvin - Contender Bicycles on

  • I have a 2020 Spark 900 WC and am planning to upgrade to AXS. Probably looking to the XX1 setup with a dropper added. If I purchase all the needed parts, it looks like $1000 for the XX1 upgrade and another $1000 for the Rockshox electronic dropper? What else is needed to complete the setup? Can the in grip blip button be purchased? Must I use particular grips for the mount? Probably a new chain? If I plan for approx $2500( including labor), will that cover the cost of the upgrade? If so, it still seems cheaper than purchasing a new 2022 Spark RC AXS! Any comments appreciated!

    Sharon osgood on

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