CADEX Boost Saddle Review: Long Ride Ready, Not for Everyone

CADEX Boost Saddle Review: Long Ride Ready, Not for Everyone

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

This CADEX Boost saddle review belongs to our Snub Nose Saddle Shootout. See our reviews HERE.

We were enthusiastic to bring on CADEX to our fold of top-tier brands that shop. Their ties to Giant Bicycles means that CADEX is their outlet for bringing to market some of their most advanced designs, but that advanced design isn’t just limited to carbon fiber production. Their entry here is the Boost saddle, which takes their carbon capabilities and gives it a race-ready shape that has found many fans around these parts. CADEX Boost Saddle - Contender Bicycles Unlike the other saddles we have here, the Boost is available in just one variation: a full carbon shell and carbon rails. The Boost is perhaps the curviest saddle on the test, with a slight upward angle by the nose that places the rider in a low, aggressive position. It is accentuated by a center channel and a cutout that is among the smallest in the test but caused no issues otherwise.

CADEX uses “free-flowing ETPU particles” in multiple layers in an effort to offer a firm, supportive feel. Paired to this is a carbon composite shell that acts as a pseudo hammock shape that flexes and absorbs vibration, as well as an integrated rail design that goes from the very front of the saddle to the very back. This is an effort to relieve pressure points along the saddle base while cutting down on overlapping joint areas where possible to cut down on weight. CADEX Boost Saddle - Particle Flow Technology There are plenty of touches that distinguish the Boost from the competition. At first blush, the aforementioned integrated rail design alongside the curved profile gives the saddle a striking look. The rails go from tip to tail, unlike conventional saddle rails, though the overall amount of usable rail setback is a bit less than it seems by looking at it. Big ups to CADEX as well for placing a hard-wearing, low friction material on the sides to protect your favorite bib tights from wearing down from thigh rub. CADEX Boost Saddle Technology We tested the unisex design saddle in its one shape and size, weighing in at 145g.

Riding the CADEX Boost

This saddle, perhaps more than any of the other saddles on test, is dependent on a specific type of rider. The shape is much like a scoop, meaning riding it level places the rider in a bit of a hammock profile. The best way to use the saddle is with the nose down, leaving the majority of the Boost flat with an upsweep as it goes toward the back. You’ll have to ride with an aggressive, sharp hip angle but if that is for you then the rest of the saddle with fit in nicely.

This attacking theme is continued in the saddle’s padding. Their use of dual-layer ETPU particles on each side of the saddle makes it feel extremely firm, and if you prefer an upright riding position it might just feel too hard for you. But on a longer three-hour ride the Boost is surprisingly supportive, and almost feels better the longer you ride it as long as you’re riding hard. CADEX Boost Saddle Rails - Contender Bicycles Also accompanying its appetite for long rides is the carbon cradle that is unique to the Boost. Whatever material wizardry the pros at CADEX did in making this saddle works to quell the higher-frequency road vibration coming through the bike, which paired with its supportive profile makes for a saddle that feels better the longer your ride it..

One thing to note is that the Boost rewards precise placement. Its shape doesn’t allow the rider to inch forward onto the nose on steep climbs, but once the time was spent to figure out angle and rail position, there was no need to move around while sitting on the saddle. CADEX Boost Saddle In Review - Contender Bicycles Like any other saddle, the Boost won’t work for everyone. Its placement amongst our test group of saddles is as sure as its shape: go fast or bust. But if that fits your needs, the Boost offers unique construction, surprising vibration absorption, and low weight make this an easy choice for anyone looking to ride at their maximum effort when possible.

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