Cargo Bike Lifestyle Hits SLC

Written by Cody Wignall, on March 03, 2021

Contender is well-known for our fondness for quality in the road and mountain bike scene. Come to either of our shops and you'll see walls lined with some of the latest and greatest from a wide range of brands. What we aren't as well-known for is for electric bikes, and even less so for cargo bikes. Not only are they an excellent way to leave your car curbside, but they're efficient, highly capable, and above else, fun. Larry vs Harry Electric Cargo Bike Contender Bicycles Cargo bikes like the Larry vs Harry eBullitt were designed for day-in day-out work in dense cities where bicycles are faster than the car. How does the eBullitt handle a relaxing day in the park? In short, better than you'd imagine. The eBullitt offers quick handling, relatively low weight, and with its electric pedal assist, a helpful push up the steeper parts of Salt Lake City. Urban Arrow E-Cargo Bike Contender Bicycles Cycling is meant to be fun, and what's more fun than riding with those you care for the most? With a cargo bike, not only are you able to ride with other people, but you're able to ride with children carefully strapped in and seated. Take a ride to the park, have a picnic, and do it all in the safety of the cargo bike like this Urban Arrow Family. Custom Urban Arrow E-Cargo Bike It goes without saying that at the shop, we only carry what we trust and love to use. As Ryan and Alison have seen their family grow, their fleet of bikes have diversified accordingly. Their Urban Arrow Family is an easy choice for family fun, perfect for toddlers and corgis alike. Larry vs Harry Electric Cargo Bike Contender Bicycles Salt Lake City Utah Perhaps one of the most memorable scenes of the tv show Portlandia is the skit regarding a moving company, and in typical Portland fashion, they do all of their moving by bike. We aren't quite there yet, but there's no doubt that the cargo bike is excellent for carrying a lot of things at a time. Everything fits! At the end of the day, cargo bikes make you, the rider, feel like a total stud. More than just another way to spend money on bikes (like we don't already have enough ways), the cargo bike could represent the future of transport in American cities. They're a dream to use for the car-adverse and casual cyclist alike. Struggling for parking becomes a thing of the past, as are the draining stops at gas stations. Comparatively, the cargo bike is a low-hassle alternative to more cumbersome transport that frees everyone from the burdens of the hulking automobile. Urban Arrow E-Cargo Bike Contender Bicycles Salt Lake City, Utah


  • Lungalethu,
    thanks for reaching out and for reading our cargo bike post. As far as I know, there aren’t any options for cargo bikes that have a cover for the rider. There are a few ebike options that have a cover for the cargo area, be it for kids, animals, or whatever gear you’re looking for.
    Let us know if you have any questions!

    Alvin - Contender Bicycles on

  • I want to know that did you sale a cargo bicycles that have shelter for driver

    Lungalethu Khuzwayo on

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