Contender Goes to the 2021 ENVE Builder Round-Up

Contender Goes to the 2021 ENVE Builder Round-Up

Written by Contender Bicycles, on July 13, 2021

Once a year, ENVE holds two-day celebration of all things bicycle just up the road from us in Ogden, Utah. The weekend consists of two events: the Builder Round-Up on Friday and the Grodeo ride on Saturday. The Builder Round-Up is a showcase of custom bikes from ENVE's handmade builder partners, showing off 34 of their favorite framebuilders.

Be sure to check out the rest of the ENVE Builder Round-Up HERE, and see our review of the ENVE Grodeo gravel ride, a 96-mile ride through the most beautiful parts of the Wasatch. 

Contender Goes to the 2021 ENVE Builder Round-Up

People Looking at Bikes - It isn't very often when you can get this many beautiful bicycles in one place, but ENVE was able to do it this year. The Builder Round-Up was more or less open to just about whomever wanted to see what was up.

ENVE Custom Road at ENVE Builder Showcase

ENVE Custom Road at ENVE Builder's ShowcaseENVE Custom Road spaceship handlebar at ENVE Builder's ShowcaseENVE Road - ENVE may havea been the host of the Builder's Showcase, but this is the first year they've had their own bike. This is the Custom Road, and like most everything else ENVE it is made locally in Ogden, Utah. While it doesn't look particularly unique, it features fully custom geometry while matching the performance of other bikes. This one has custom paintwork meant to evoke the rocketship it looks like. 

Contender Goes to the 2021 ENVE Builder Round-Up

Allied Echo - A true showstopper. The key feature on the Allied Echo is its adjustable geometry that makes the bike feel good with a 28mm tire as it would with a 40mm tire. Fully internal cable routing, wonderful tube shaping, and all made in the United States? Hard to say no. We've been riding this very bike courtesy of Allied; see our review of the bike coming soon!

ENVE Builder's Round-Up 2021 - with Contender BIcyclesENVE Builder's Round-Up 2021 - with Contender BIcycles

Moots Womble - Will singletrack fear you? Or will singletrack love you? Good question. It's Moots's progressive 29er hardtail that loves singletrack and bikepacking alike. Naturally, this one received the full ENVE treatment and with a Hunter finish, and matching ENVE logos. Festka custom gravel bike at ENVE gravel bike showcaseFestka - Straight outta Prague, Festka specializes in high end drop bar bikes that exude "exclusivity, uniqueness, and timelessness in the spirit of race cycling." This is a one-off paint scheme on a bike that has yet to be released.  This one is a collaboration between two artists: Ondrash and Kashparek. Their idea was to paint abstract pictures by transferring acrylic paints from the surface of water onto canvas.

Retrotec mountain bike at ENVE builder showcaseRetrotec - Curtis Inglis out of Napa, CA took his hardtail but rather than making it out of steel, made it out of titanium. Retrotec takes cruiser bikes lines and applies modern geometry, and this one is no exception. Interestingly enough, the array of colors isn't out of choice; rather its because these were the parts he could get from Paul and White Industries. 

Tomii Fat Canvas Peach at ENVE Builder Showcase

Tomii - Nao Tomii says that "Sculptures that I can custom build as a beautiful bicycle for my customers is always my number one goal. This Fat Canvas has personality all over the place, even in the logo. 

Breadwinner Bad Otis custom mountain bike at ENVE Builder Showcase

Breadwinner - Ira Ryan and Tony Pereira (who got his start building frames in Salt Lake City!) team up to form Breadwinner Cycles, and their Bad Otis doesn't disappoint. This paint scheme is extra aggressive to match the intentions of this bike.

We're proud to be able to partner with Allied Cycle Works, and it was a treat to see them at the Round-Up. Stay tuned for our review and more photos of their all-new Echo.


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