Ernie's Best Builds: Alchemy Arktos 29

Ernie's Best Builds: Alchemy Arktos 29

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Alchemy-Arktos-29 Ernie the corgi is known around these parts for his discerning taste in bicycles. This year, we wanted to highlight some of his favorite bike builds. Link to the complete list found HERE. Day ten of Ernie's Best Builds goes to the Alchemy Arktos 29 mountain bike. This Arktos features a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain, DT Swiss M1700 Spline 30 wheelset, a Fox 36 Performance/Fox DPX2 150mm suspension, and a Raceface handlebar and stem. Alchemy Arktos 29 side profileAlchemy-Arktos-29-shock What makes the Alchemy Arktos so unique is the Sine Suspension system, which is impressively compact and clean in a way that few suspension designs are. It's designed by the same mind who designed Yeti Switch Infinity, and who happened to have a hand in development of Santa Cruz VPP suspension as well. Plush off the top, but quickly ramping up before being plush again at the end of it's travel (like a sine wave), Sine Suspension is something we've come to love and admire in the shop. Outside of the box thinking like this is what makes Alchemy mountain bikes so unique. Have any questions about the Alchemy Arktos 29? Send us an email any time to, or give us a call during business hours. Alchemy-Arktos-29-drivetrain Alchemy-Arktos-29-TT Alchemy-Arktos-29-SINE Alchemy-Arktos-29-Logo Alchemy-Arktos-Ernie-1


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