How to Choose Cycling Socks and Our Best-Selling Cycling Socks

How to Choose Cycling Socks and Our Best-Selling Cycling Socks

Written by Joseph Bonacci, on February 24, 2024

There are few items in cycling that allow for individual expressions of style like socks do, particularly when you consider the relative low cost of socks compared to other cycling gear. Their relative accessibility, paired with the array of choices to show who you are have led to a whole new term for cycling sock obsession: sock doping.

A fresh new pair of socks can bring new life to your well-used cycling shoes or kit. It can completely how a kit looks, easily swapping between standing out or fitting right in with the change of socks. Your favorite pair of socks can be a morale boost, something you look forward to putting on before a hard ride. But an ill-fitting pair of socks will have you wondering what went wrong in an instant.

Which sock is for you? We take a look at what makes a good cycling sock as well as the best-selling cycling socks in store.

What Makes a Good Cycling Sock?

Socks are simple items, but there are a few things to look for in a good pair of socks.

Cycling socks are different from standard socks, which are bulkier, retain moisture, and are often ill-fitting. Even running shoes often have more bulk and padding. A good cycling sock is light and thin to avoid potential hot spots from folded-over fabric. Thin materials also function to encourage breathability to keep your feet dry and fresher-feeling. They will have as few seams as possible to avoid unwanted friction while riding. And importantly, a good cycling sock is durable so they last ride after ride.

In short, a good sock will disappear underneath you as you ride with nary a thought until someone comments on how much they like how your socks look, time and time again.

Rarely discussed in cycling socks is finding the right length. The UCI states that cycling socks shall not go past the halfway point between your knee and ankle, you know, to prevent sock doping. We ride whatever length we want, and so should you. After all, we’re not riding in your shoes. But a rule of thumb is that longer socks - often around a 4” to 8” cuff - can offer a just-right balance of compression benefits and enough real estate to make a statement with your sock choice.

Our Favorite Cycling Socks

Giro HRC socks hanging on a peg board.

-Giro HRC+-

The Giro HRC+ line of socks consists of the HRC+ Grip, HRC+ Merino, and HRC+ Team, all of which promise to be Giro's most luxurious socks. They compress a bit more than other socks on this list, but do so strategically. The result is a really supportive sock that only has padding where absolutely necessary.

Godspeed socks hanging on a peg board.

-Godspeed Speed God socks

Based right here in Salt Lake City, Godspeed Socks take some of our favorite things about the Giro HRC+ and add a bit of luck to your ride. Fit is compressive as well, but with a touch more padding underfoot and a reminder to others of how fast you really are. With each ride you can either wish yourself God Speed, or call yourself a Speed God depending on which foot you wear the sock. 

Sockguy Contender socks hanging on a peg board.

-SockGuy Contender Cyclist-

The Contender Cyclist sock features a rider donning the yellow jersey follows every pedal stroke. SockGuy has made top-notch socks for us in the past and these are no exception. If you aren’t a fan of the Cyclist sock, SockGuy has many options for different colors and designs, so there will be one for you. 

Silca Aero socks hanging on a peg board.

-Silca Aero Sock- 

In a world full of marginal gains, the Silca Aero Socks may be our favorite, and most marginal. The tall socks provide a small 5-10 watt advantage (wind-tunnel tested), which for $30 might be the best watt/dollar reduction the industry has to offer. These socks may not win you the race, but you can’t say you didn’t do everything you can. 

Pas Normal Solitude Socks hanging on a peg board.

-Pas Normal Solitude Sock- 

Our newest addition to the showroom floor, the Solitude sock is perfect for hot Utah Summer riding. The ultra-thin, tight fitting sock gives incredible breathability for the hottest days. Pas Normal’s PROLEN®YARN technology sheds moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable, perfect for days on the Mountain or Gravel bikes where you may be crossing creeks or riding through puddles.

Rapha socks hanging on a peg board.

-Rapha Pro Team Socks- 

Available in two lengths, regular and long, the Rapha Pro Team Socks are a fantastic option for people needing a high-quality sock. Moisture-wicking materials keeps your feet comfortable and dry, letting you ride all day without issue. Reinforced heels and toe-box keeps the socks from wearing out quickly. 

Check out our array of socks online or in store, send us an email, or give us a call with any questions.


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