Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen

Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen

Written by Joseph Bonacci, on May 26, 2023

Last fall when Scott announced a brand new e-bike to fill the niche of a cross-country style, lightweight, electric mountain bike our ears perked up, but then we found out we would be waiting well into the spring to even see the bike. Well, the time has finally come with the Scott Lumen 910 arriving this week. 

Scott took their legendary Spark design, added a TQ motor and produced a short-travel, trail killing bike. The sleek looking ebike is hard to distinguish from a normal bike until you are right up close. Plus, the motor is nearly silent.

Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen

The Details

The Lumen frame is built around the newest TQ Motor system. We have seen this motor on a few different bikes around the shop and there are a couple of things that make it stand out. The first is the weight. The TQ system allows e-bikes to weigh less than 40 pounds, which even 3 years ago was unheard of in the industry. The motor is also the quietest we have (not) heard, with little to no noise as you ride. With this motor, combined with the sleek design of the frame, it is hard to even tell that this bike is an eBike. To learn more about the TQ motor, check out this blogpost on everything you will need to know. The TQ motor also utilizes a normal q-factor (the width of your crank spindle), which means the bike will pedal and feel normal. 

Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen

The Lumen boasts 130mm of travel front and rear, being a 10mm increase in the rear compared to the non-electric Spark. The bike features the Scott Twinloc system as well, which allows you to shorten the travel to 90mm front and rear, or completely lock the bike out. This makes the bike effective on climbs with minimal to no pedal bob. Even with the extra cables added by the lockout, the cockpit remains clean and professional because of the internal headset routing. 

Scott’s Lumen has a shorter wheelbase than what is on many of the electric mountain bikes at the shop. This means that the bike will be easy to handle in switchback corners and will handle like a normal trail bike. With its carbon frame, you’ll be amazed at how normal the Lumen feels; it does not ride like a traditional e-bike. The carbon frame features some other design pluses, like the ability to have two water bottle cages. 

The Build

The Scott Lumen 910 is built around quality parts that focus on durability and performance. The bike is equipped with a Shimano XT Drivetrain. This 1x12 drivetrain emphasizes quality of shifting and durability. With the added torque of the ebike motor, a durable and quality drivetrain is necessary to minimize any problems. 

Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen

The Shimano drivetrain is paired with the Shimano Deore 4-piston brakes. Scott chose to put 4-piston brakes on because the added weight of the ebike warrants having a reliable brakeset to stop you whenever needed. These brakes are reliable and will not fail you, even over long descents where brakes would heat up. 

The Fox Suspension on the bike is fully capable of any terrain you will take it on, as Fox has mastered suspension design and has proven themselves at the forefront of the industry. With the Syncros Twinloc, the suspension will always be dialed for your needs. Scott specced out the rest of the bike with Syncros components. These components show quality craftsmanship and reliability to keep you on the trails. 

The Ride

Luckily, we have been able to do some real world testing. The bike’s assist feels natural and even, meaning it does not have the kick or surge of a standard e-bike. This causes the bike to ride like a normal bike, rather than an ebike. As the motor is optimized for higher cadence, the Lumen can bog down with a bad shift or from being in too big of gear. 

Overall, the Lumen felt at home on the trails. The lightweight frame makes it descend like a Scott Spark, one of the most notoriously capable xc bikes. For someone who is looking for a lightweight ebike that has the capability to tackle most terrain while still providing a natural ride feel of a cross-country bike, this Scott bike should be at the forefront of your search. 


  • Lightweight (all models under 40 pounds)
  • Reliable Components
  • Carbon Frame
  • Natural ride feel
  • Quiet Motor
  • Two Water bottle cage mounts


  • Less powerful than other EMtbs (50 nm max)


The Scott Lumen is the Ebike for people who might have resisted an ebike previously. Scott took all the high-points of the Spark, gave it a little more travel, and a motor, and made a perfect machine. We have them in stock now, so come check them out in our stores. Feel free to call or email us with any more questions or concerns.

Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen
Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen
Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen
Illuminate the Trail on the Scott Lumen


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