Introducing the All-New OPEN WI.DE

Introducing the All-New OPEN WI.DE

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

The OPEN U.P. is one of the most asked-about bikes in our shop. We love the OPEN brand ethos; focus on the basics of making a nice bike that rides well without gimmicks or unnecessary design. We love the bike's versatility: the U.P. massages in a 700 x 40c, 650 x 47b, or 27.5 x 2.1" without compromising the bike's road bike handling or positioning. Many call it a quiver-killer, we call it a bike for the riding we like to do, both on and off the beaten path. This extends to the brand's newest bike, the all-new OPEN WI.DE.
OPEN Cycle WI.DE Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles
OPEN's newest frame comes from the idea of winding detours, hence the name WI.DE. The WI.DE goes a little bit further than the U.P., as it's set up more than ever for extreme terrain. As part of the new frame doubling down on extreme terrain, it takes the U.P.'s most-copied feature - the dropped chainstay - and drops the non-drive chainstay. OPEN says this actually increases bottom bracket stiffness, but we dig that this adds more tire clearance without altering the geometry of the bike too much.
OPEN WI.DE Double Dropped Chain Stay
The new OPEN WI.DE does just as its name promises: go wide. Take an U.P. frame, and massage it some more to fit a 27.5 x 2.4" or 700 x 46c tire without taking away too much from the bike's geometry. Add in a fourth cage mount under the bottom bracket, a 1.5 cm taller headtube, a slightly lower bottom bracket height, a new XS size, and boom, a new bike that handles similarly to the U.P. but has different capabilities. OPEN Cycle WI.DE Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles If you've ever wanted to fit a Maxxis Minion DHF on your U.P. for extra "shrediness", you can do it with the new WI.DE. If you've ever wanted something slightly beefier than an U.P., OPEN has you covered. Or if you wanted something that will allow you to ride a wider range of singletrack, the WI.DE is the right move. This new frameset might lose the ability to run a 2x drivetrain, but we've found that most gravel bike riders who err toward dirt prefer 1x gearing anyways. OPEN WI.DE Gravel Bikes - Contender Bicycles Pricing for the new OPEN WI.DE gravel bike starts at $3200 for a frame, fork, and headset. We've also worked hard to create aggressively-priced build kits to help you build your ideal bike. WI.DE framesets are available now and in stock in three colors ranging from gloss grey, orange and turq, as well as the OPEN WI.DE Ready to Paint raw carbon option.
various open wide bikepacking setups
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