Introducing the Colnago eGRV Electric Gravel Bike

Introducing the Colnago eGRV Electric Gravel Bike

Written by Madeleine Whitley, on March 03, 2021

Italy is well-known for its gravel roads. The Strade Bianche highlights some of Tuscany's best gravel roads, but there is beautiful riding just about anywhere you go. The stable handling and wider tires of a gravel bike is an ideal choice for these fast roads, as well as the myriad paved roads that connect them individually. Colnago's pick for these roads is the new gravel bike, a pedal-assist electric gravel bike whose geometry matches its non-assist counterpart.

Colnago eGRV Electric Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles

Colnago has been in the game for so long that they have their ideal handling characteristics dialed. As such, they've stuck to their gravel bike formula with the eGRV. Remarkably, Colnago was able to exactly match the non-electric assist Colnago GRV gravel bike, despite needing to create a larger downtube in which to fit the battery. It'll fit a 700 x 40c tire and has a rear rack mount to boot.

Colnago e-GRV eBikeMotion - Contender Bicycles
Colnago e-GRV eBikeMotion iWocOne - Contender Bicycles

For all intents and purposes, the standard Colnago GRV gravel bike has geometry and handling on the sporty side of the spectrum. Its handling is quick enough, but there's plenty of stability to be found in how it rides. It's just not a slacked-out full-time touring bike, that's for sure. It'll feel just right for anyone coming from a road bike background, as its overall peppy feel will excite just about anyone.

2020 Colnago e-GRV Shimano GRX - Contender Bicycles
2020 Colnago Electric Gravel Bike - Contender Bicycles

And the electric part of it? It's the , a drive unit that has found many fans on bikes such as the , , and Colnago's own . There's a reason: it's lightweight, unobtrusive, and does little to distract from your ride. 40 N/m of torque is plenty for a vast majority of rides, and the range the battery offers is enough for 2-3 hour rides. Longer rides or those who use more of the bike’s assist might want the Ebikemotion battery range extender, which offers an extra 204 Wh of battery capacity.

Colnago e-GRV Electric Gravel - Contender Bicycles

27.8 pounds is the cost of entry into the e-gravel bike world, in a size 49 cm (which fits closer to a size medium in other brands). This puts it in a small group of e-bikes that seamlessly meld the mystique of their storied Italian heritage with the not only pedal-assist propulsion but the practicality of a gravel bike. The 2020 Colnago eGRV electric gravel bike is available in two models: the and the .

Have any questions about the e-gravel bike? Give us a call during business hours, or send a message any time to .


  • I live in British Columbia, Canada. I am interested in the Colnago EGRV in a size that has a top tube length of 55cm. Do you ship these bikes to British Columbia? If so, when might you get stock and what would be the price, inclusive of shipping? Gary

    Gary R. Fraser on

  • Ralph, as of now we don’t have any Colnago e road or e-gravel bikes. I can check in with Colnago to see when they might get more, but as of now neither we nor they have anything in stock.

    Alvin - Contender Bicycles on

  • Do you have the Colnago eGRV Di2 available in white and red. We need two. We’re both 5’7" so I assume our frame size is 52cm.

    Ralph Palumbo on

  • Interested in the eGRV Cycles
    Are you retailing them in India
    I am from Bangalore

    Srinidhi on

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