Pete's Lazer Z1 Kineticore Helmet Review

Pete's Lazer Z1 Kineticore Helmet Review

Written by Peter Barrett, on April 03, 2024

Lazer has a long history of innovation within the world of cycling. Based in bike obsessed Belgium they have over 105 years of producing head protection for all disciplines of cycling. Lazer helmets have been leading the industry with numerous developments including integrated lights, removable aero shells and their RollSys retention system.

Lazer Z1 Kineticore Helmet

Recently Lazer has introduced the next step in helmet safety with their own KinetiCore technology. KinetiCore adds protection from rotational impact as well as directional (head on) impact. This technology is integrated into the structural core of the helmet eliminating the additional layer that many MIPS style helmets utilize. Unlike some other systems that are added in on top of standard foam, Kineticore takes innovation a step further by being intricately integrated into the helmet's foam structure. The technology features channels with cut outs and small blocks molded directly into the foam, serving as a built-in mechanism to absorb or redirect impacts. Basically, KinetiCore creates a built-in crumple zone which deliberately enhances energy absorption during an impact and provides an another layer of protection for the cyclist's head.

Lazer Z1 Kintecore Helmet in Contender Bicycles

With the Lazer Z1 helmet having been a staple in the Lazer line for a number of years, Lazer finally integrated Kineticore into their Pro-Tour team road helmet. The Z1 stays true to it's core with the RollSys system, similar styling and feather weight.

Peter in his Lazer Z1 Kineticore Helmet

Having owned a number of Lazer helmets over the years (including G1 and Blade MIPS) I found the new Lazer Z1 KinetiCore helmet to offer a little more room than previous models. For example, the new fit may allow those between sizes to possibly go with a medium instead of a large. The Lazer Z1 KinetiCore is also lighter - weighing in at only 220 gm - than MIPS style helmets that I have used. Along with the weight reduction comes larger vents. Honestly wearing the new Z1 KinetiCore helmet feels as close to not wearing a helmet as you are ever going to get! 

Come down to the shop and see just how one fits! If you can't come in to try before you buy, Lazer is unique in that they offer a 30-day fit guarantee.


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