Pinarello Granger X - Endurance Gravel, Italian Style

Written by Contender Bicycles, on April 28, 2023

Early in 2023, Pinarello introduced a new member of their gravel family, the Granger X. We just received our first delivery of them and we're pretty excited! Coming in a little under the radar and on the heels of the Dogma F and the “X” and “F” series road bikes, the Granger slots in as Pinarello’s endurance-focused gravel machine alongside the race-focused Grevil F. The Granger X is intended as an all-around, all-road adventure bike that will provide comfortable geometry while retaining the progressive, good looks of the Grevil F. 

While the Grevil F’s Dogma-inspired shape and geometry are all about speed, the Granger X takes a more relaxed approach. With a bit more slack in the head tube, slightly higher stack and shorter reach, the Granger X targets longer rides and more exploring. While not a full-tilt bike-packing rig, the Granger X does include features such as top tube lugs and fender mounts. Missing is the fully integrated front end cable routing of the Grevil F, but the intentions of this bike are not as aerodynamically focused and we predict more of these bikes will be set up with mechanical drivetrains where the easy cable access will be welcomed. 

The Granger X carries over aspects of the X-series endurance road bikes, including the signature Pinarello asymmetric frame design, Toray T600 unidirectional carbon fiber and ONDA fork. Other important and very practical features worked into the Granger X are the threaded Italian bottom bracket and round seat post. The threaded bottom bracket will ensure ease of maintenance and creak-free performance, while the round post design allows for the use of a wide range of seat posts including droppers (cable routing is integrated into the frame). 

We’re stoked to see that the tire clearance is impressive, allowing for up to a 50mm tire on 700c rims or 2.2” mtb rubber when set up on 650b wheels. This should allow for just about any wheel/tire combo necessary for even the burliest gravel adventures. 

It’s good to see Pinarello embracing the burgeoning endurance and racing segments that are rapidly developing within the gravel world, and providing stellar options to cover the gamut. The Granger X provides a super versatile option for riders looking for a bike that will cover a lot of ground and do it in comfort and Pinarello style. Check out the Granger X at our Salt Lake and Park City, Utah locations as well as here on 


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