Ride With Ashantai, Team Chaos, and Bike MS

Ride With Ashantai and Bike MS For Those Who Can't

Written by Contender Bicycles, on June 10, 2022

Ashantai Yungai is a light in the life of those who know him. While he has a smile that brings a room alight, he is also a father, calligraphist, and athlete who himself deals with multiple sclerosis. Ashantai is soon setting off to ride the Bike Utah MS 150, a ride in Logan, Utah to raise money for the fight against MS and ride for those who cannot ride a bike.

Want to join Ashantai and ride with Team Chaos? Learn more about Bike MS HERE, or contact him directly by email. Read our interview with Ashantai HERE.

Ashantai Bike MS 150 Utah Team Chaos

From Ashantai:

“My name is Ashantai. I am a cyclist, living and cycling with MS. I have participated in Harmon’s Best Dam Bike Ride for five years now. In the 2021 MS150, I rode in a recumbent bike with a friend, completing 30 miles of the event.”

“After a lot of hard work doing physical therapy, I am back on a two-wheel upright bike. Last month I rode in the Skinny Tire Festival. After almost two years of not riding a two-wheel bike, I completed 131 of 190 miles, climbing over 7500 ft of elevation gain. I am so happy to be back in my ‘Happy Place’.

“Team Chaos is my team’s name for the MS150. Currently, I only have three riders. I would like to increase my ridership to at least ten members. 

“Want to ride: 

  • to raise money for the Idaho/Southern Utah chapter of the National MS Society?
  • with an inspirational, all-around good guy cyclist?  
  • on a team with colorful jerseys and cool socks?

“Consider joining Team Chaos. I would love to have you on my team. For further information, contact Ashantai at ayungai@comcast.net.”

Ashantai Bike MS 150 Utah Team Chaos

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  • LOVE this story. Thanks for sharing. I will try to make it to the ride.


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