2022 Santa Cruz Nomad & 5010 Sale!

2022 Santa Cruz Nomad & 5010 Sale!

Written by Carter Hall, on August 04, 2022

Let's cut to the chase: we are putting our 2022 Santa Cruz Nomad and 5010 mountain bikes on sale for 20% off! This is a great opportunity for you 27.5” fans to get on a sweet new ride, whether you want fun and playfulness, or big mountain domination. 


2022 Santa Cruz Nomad and 5010

Santa Cruz 5010 On Sale

The Santa Cruz 5010 is one of the most playful bikes out there. Smaller 27.5” wheels and 140mm front / 130mm rear suspension makes it poppy and nimble as ever. Zip down a trail hopping around and cornering on a dime. It’s a fantastic trail bike and the ultimate jibbing machine. Get your parking lot tricks dialed and stop at all the side hits. If you prioritize fun on your rides, the 5010 is for you. 

Santa Cruz Nomad On Sale

The Santa Cruz Nomad is a machine built for chunder and big hits. It eats big descents for breakfast and has the geometry to get you back up the hill. With 170mm of front and rear suspension, it’s got the squish to keep you rolling forward and not hurling over the bars. Great for big days of lapping downhill, the Nomad feels at home on shuttle rigs and chair lifts. Are big jumps what do it for you? It’s steady in the air and absorbs big impacts. If downhill bikes are of interest, but you still like to pedal, the Nomad is for you. 

2022 Santa Cruz Nomad and 5010
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Words and photos by Carter Hall.


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