Sparking a Conversation: Orbea Gain vs Pinarello Dyodo

Written by Cody Wignall, on March 03, 2021

The topic of e-bikes, much less e-road bikes, can be a volatile one. More than the rim vs. disc brake debate, and arguably more contentious than whether pineapple is a valid pizza topping. We've always been of the opinion that if a bike gets more folks on the road to enjoy the benefits of road riding, we're down. Things muddy up a bit when talking about e-road bikes; whether it's a sense of machismo that lingers in the sport, there's been quite a bit of resistance to e-road bikes like the Pinarello Dyodo and Orbea Gain we have here for comparison. Since bringing in both bikes, we've had a ton of interest coming from myriad riders. As you'd expect, some people wanted to be able to ride further than they could on their current road bikes, and felt a little electric push would be just the ticket. Others were in it for training purposes; they wanted to be able to do their all-day rides, and have enough juice in reserve to get up the hill after their ride. 2019 Pinarello Dyodo E-Road Bike vs 2019 Orbea Gain E-Road Bike. Contender Bicycles. Late last year, Pinarello brought by not just a size range of Pinarello Dogma and Prince road bikes, but a size run of the then-recently released Pinarello Dyodo. While we've embraced e-bikes with open arms, we were a bit more skeptical of the Dyodo than we were of the Gain. They use the same interface, have similar batteries, and the same Ebikemotion X35 drive unit, which offers the same 250 W power, 250Wh battery life, and same 40 N/m torque. Further, they're available with the same Mavic Aksium Elite UST wheels. They also happen to have carbon frames, but the Dyodo happens to cost a fair chunk more than the Gain. What gives? Out riding, it turns out there's quite a bit of difference between the two. We've already waxed poetic about both the Dyodo and Gain (in-depth reviews HERE AND HERE), and even after both reviews released, we've had several more opportunities to get some saddle time in with both the Gain (in M20i spec) and Dyodo. Ultimately, it comes down to what you're looking to accomplish. Orbea Gain E-Road Bike, Pinarello Dyodo E-Road Bike. EBike Motion Integration. The Dyodo is focused. Geometry is derived from the race-ready Prince, with only a slightly taller headtube and a reduction of sizes (from a substantial ten to a manageable six) being the main differentiators. Back to back with the Prince, the extra seven pounds or so is noticeable in tight switchbacks and low-speed hairpins. Turn in is slightly less immediate, but that sharp handling is still readily apparent on descents, as is it's willingness to turn in and carry speed is obvious. But on an extended climb? Dyodo feels just as stiff and willing to accelerate under my 125 lb legs of steel, regardless of assist levels. It feels better the faster it goes. 2019 Orbea Gain, 2019 Pinarello Dyodo EBike Motion Even visually, one can tell that the Gain is a different animal. Gain also offers clearance for a 40c tire, (compared to 28c max on the Dyodo) meaning the Gain isn't confined to just road-specific endeavors. Further, endurance geometry means a longer wheelbase, slacker angles, and taller stack numbers across all sizes. It's much happier putting along at 16 mph, deep into it's assist. and there's a bit less urgency to how it steers and accelerates. ebikemotion App - Contender Bicycles Pinarello Dyodo E-Road Bike, Orbea Gain E-Road Bike EBike Motion Charger One can almost can think of the two bikes as a dichotomy of what people got from road bikes ten years ago versus what they receive today. While many cyclists still want a road bike that'll push them to ride as fast as they can go, most seek a bike that emphasizes comfort, ease-of-use, and versatility. For the vast majority, the Gain will be more than sufficient. The Ebikemotion X35 drive unit is a willing companion, but it also happens to be a fun, reasonably light, and extremely versatile option that fits the needs of nearly anyone. That said, there's a certain level of performance one expects from a Pinarello. There must be a sense that the bike is ready to hop into the WorldTour for Team Sky at any moment, or that it the bike itself is pushing you to go faster and faster the more you ride it. The Dyodo doesn't disappoint in this regard, and the back-to-back ride with the Prince just furthered the relationship between the two bikes shared. It's a very specific tool for the trade, but one whose DNA can't really be replicated by anyone else on the market. 2019 Pinarello Dyodo E-Road Bike Color Options 20196 Orbea Gain E-Road Bike Contender Bicycles Regardless of whether you're looking for advice and expertise, or if you simply want to throw a leg over one of these bikes, we have both the Pinarello Dyodo and Orbea Gain at our shops. Come by, give us a call during business hours, or send us an email to


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