The OPEN WI.DE Gravel Pistachio Edition is Here

The OPEN WI.DE Gravel Pistachio Edition is Here

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

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Collaborations are all the rage. From the pop music charts to film projects, the art world is often made better and more compelling when two parties work together on one project. Take that spirit of creativity, innovation, and quality to the world of gravel bikes and you get the gorgeous OPEN WI.DE Gravel Frameset - Pistachio Edition.

OPEN WI.DE Gravel Pistachio Edition

OPEN has been known from their inception for building some of the best, and most beautiful, bikes in the all-road/gravel category. Discriminating cyclists around the world have jumped on the bandwagon and built up their dream bike on an OPEN frame.

Likewise, Ultradynamico is known for its attention to detail ranging from performance to tread design in their quest to deliver the best 650B tires on the planet. Naturally, a collaboration between OPEN and Ultradynamico was destined to happen and Contender Bicycles in Salt Lake City is thrilled to offer a full range of sizes in the OPEN WI.DE Gravel Frameset - Pistachio Edition.

With only a handful of these bikes available worldwide, the beauties are expected to find their way to new owners quickly.

OPEN WI.DE Gravel Pistachio Edition

Like most OPEN bikes, you’ll immediately notice the simple yet dynamic paint scheme. The subtle, earthy pistachio green color will look at home on country gravel roads, winding single track trails through the forest, and hanging from your wall as a conversation piece. Wherever it is, it’s going to be unassumingly beautiful. The color is officially Pantone 2274C if you're curious.

The distinct Ultradynamico chevron tread patterns can be found adorning the bike. Placed on the seat tube, inside of the fork and chainstays, the pattern compliments the aesthetic of the bike without creating a mess of overthought design touches - just simple shapes and patterns to accentuate the natural woodsy feel.

The OPEN WI.DE. (short for Winding Detours) expands OPEN’s familiar gravel bike line with wider clearance to fit up to 27 x 2.4-inch tires or a 700c x 46mm tire all the same. This enables an even heartier ability to venture out in the mountains and trails for a more mountain bike experience while maintaining the road bike feel.

OPEN WI.DE Gravel Pistachio Edition

Starting at $3,200 for the frame and fork combo, the OPEN WI.DE Gravel Frameset - Pistachio Edition invites you to be the final partner in the collaboration. Consult with one of our build experts at Contender Bicycles to handpick each component and build element to create a unique bicycle that is distinctly yours. There are few OPEN bikes built exactly the same as another, which is another testament to the artistic beauty that makes the OPEN WI.DE. a one-of-a-kind ride.

OPEN WI.DE Gravel Pistachio Edition

Some collaborations are intended to be spread far to appeal to as many people as possible. The OPEN WI.DE Gravel Frameset - Pistachio Edition is the opposite and it’s unlikely you’ll run across another on the road or on the trails.

Have any questions? Give us a call during business hours or send us an email any time to to talk with an OPEN Cycle expert.

Photos by Cody Wignall


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