The Red Barn - A Brief History

The Red Barn - A Brief History

Written by Contender Bicycles, on May 19, 2023

Contender Bicycles has been a fixture of the Utah cycling community for over 30 years. We’ve spent the majority of those years in the “9th & 9th” business district of Salt Lake City and we added our second location in Park City in 2018. The addition of a second location was not a decision or process we took lightly and we knew we had to do it just right. Contender Bicycles has always been committed to not only the local cycling population, but to our entire local community. Our neighbors, friends and fellow riders are the key to our success and we strive to take care of those who take care of us. So, when we embarked on the journey to open our Park City location, we wanted to do more than just rent space and set up shop. 

We were fortunate enough to be afforded the opportunity to renovate the iconic “Red Barn” on White Pine Canyon Road, nestled in the picturesque valley just outside the town of Park City. There, we’ve created a fun, energetic shop that has been serving long-time locals, cycling tourists and enthusiasts of all sorts. With the Park City shop now in its 6th year of operation, we wanted to share some of the colorful history of the colorful barn we call our second home. The iconic barn has a great story and we’re proud to be a part of it and help keep its legacy alive!

an old photo of the red barn back in the day

Officially known as the Frances Redmund Ranch, the barn was built by the Redmund family in 1921 and was originally used as a milk barn on the surrounding dairy farm. The property was sold to the Ivers family in 1934 and the barn has been known locally for years as the “Ivers Barn” or simply “The Red Barn”. The building has more than stood the test of time, witnessing a fascinating journey of transformation and utility, and has remained an integral part of Park City's rich history. 

Over the years the barn transitioned from its dairy farming origins to include more varied uses such as a venue for snowmobile tours, a location for TV commercials, military exercises and even as the backdrop for a Disney movie! The Ivers family showed a collection of 16 millimeter films for the neighborhood in the bottom floor of the barn and more recently it served as the offices and design center of a local architect.

kids in the red barnIn 2016, the barn was rightfully recognized for its historical significance by the Park City Planning Commission, paving the way for its latest chapter as Contender Bicycles. We are proud to have taken up residence in this iconic structure and strive to offer a vibrant, welcoming space for all cycling enthusiasts. The solid old barn has undergone meticulous renovations, merging its storied past with a new purpose. As we welcome visitors through its doors, they can witness the fusion of history and modernity, where the love for bicycles thrives within the walls of this cherished Park City landmark.
current red barn with helmets in the contender shop

Please come visit us in the “Red Barn” any time you’re nearby, any time of the year. We carry a full selection of mountain, road and gravel bikes and equipment, as well as plenty of fat bikes for the local winter trails. You won’t find the vintage snowmobiles that once resided here, but outside of that we’ve got you covered!



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