Throwing It Back With the SCOTT 60th Anniversary Throwback Sunglasses

Throwing It Back With the SCOTT 60th Anniversary Throwback Sunglasses

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

If you're like us (and the vast majority of the world), you likely have a soft spot for retro design. That said, many designs can very much be hit or miss, and it takes a careful eye to make a retro design look successful and not like an imitation. Contender Retro Script looks fantastic in our eyes, but the Chrysler PT Cruiser seemed to miss the mark. As for the SCOTT Sport Shields 60th Anniversary Sunglasses? Well, they need a closer look. Scott 60th Anniversary Sunglasses - Contender Bicycles A bit of history: goggles were the go-to way to prevent dried eyes at the turn of the 19th century, at least until the 1950's, where classic aviator sunglasses started to keep grit out of the eyes of more and more of the peloton. The mid 1950's saw Italian brand Carrera experiment with larger, interchangeable lenses and the introduction of plastic frames. The true gamechanger was the Oakley Eyeshades. Throwback Oakley Eyeshade Sunglasses - Greg Lemond Image from Perhaps this is where we can trace the genesis of the new-but-old-but-new SCOTT 60th Anniversary Throwback Sunglasses. The Oakley Eyeshades caused a bit of an eyewear blitz in the peloton, with some good designs, and some not so good designs. Mercifully, these throwback glasses are one of the best designs of the era: simple, clean, and just over the top enough to stand out. Key updates to the SCOTT Sport Shields 60th Anniversary Sunglasses include an improved face fit and a red chrome lens featuring 100% UV protection. The large lenses provide excellent coverage regardless of how bright it is outside, how much grit is in the air, or how much hate you need to block. They're comfortable for all but the smallest of heads, and promise "life of the party" status to anyone who wears them. Ask me how I know. Scott 60th Anniversary Sunglasses Retro Throwback - Contender Bicycles These limited edition sunnies are here at the shop and won't last long. Contact us at, or give us a call during business hours for any questions. Scott 60th Anniversary Sunglasses - Contender Bicycles


  • I recently found old Scott goggles purchased around 1985 that our young kids wore for skiing. They are in excellent shape and I am wondering if the lenses would offer 100% uv protection? I would love to give these to the grandkids!!!

    Nancy on

  • Oh hi, Marc!

    We do not have any other 60th-anniversary SCOTT Shield glasses, unfortunately. We do have standard SCOTT Shield, Shield LS, and Sport Shield glasses in stock if you’re interested.

    Alvin Holbrook on

  • Any 60th anniversary scott shields for sale

    Marc on

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