To New Horizons and Old Barns

To New Horizons and Old Barns

Written by Ryan Littlefield, on March 03, 2021

From the start, Contender Bicycles has been a collective for those who share the same love of all things bikes that we do. We are proud to contribute to the fast-growing Utah cycling scene and promote a culture of all things bikes. We’ve never strayed away from the heart of Salt Lake City’s 9th and 9th small business district. And why would we? With access to hundreds of miles of gold-rated IMBA mountain bike trails and harrowing canyon road climbs, Salt Lake City offers unbeatable riding. If you like bikes, it’s a great place to ride. Enter Contender Bicycles in Park City. Contender Bicycles. Park City, Utah Ryan has been part of Contender in one form or another for 30 years. In that time, the shop has changed and grown with the focus of making our one shop the best possible. Despite all of that work, we've always kept it to one location. After quite a bit of thought and research, we found our opportunity and pounced in Park City. We have always wondered where a the ideal place would be for a second Contender Bicycles location. Some long time Park City residents have been coming to Contender for years. We found Park City to be an ideal fit as the town is an excellent community that features so many opportunities for riding including great gravel and road riding as well as the infamous world-class mountain biking. We love our new location. We always look for unique spaces and did not want to just plop our new shop anywhere. Many in Park City might know our new shop as the “red barn”; we know it as an iconic building in exactly the location where we’d want it. Despite this being more of a satellite to our Salt Lake shop, it will be a hub of activity. And just like the Salt Lake location, Contender Bicycles Park City will have the same level of customer service and the best mix of cycling product you can fit in a barn. If you live in PC, you will know where to find us. But if you’re not, come visit us at 1352 White Pine Canyon Road in Park City. We will be there every day from 10 AM-6 PM. Park City might be new to us, but everything you’ve come to expect won’t change a bit. Contender Bicycles Park City Map


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