Tour de France Competition 2019

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

WEEK ONE STAGE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE WEEK TWO STAGE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE WEEK THREE STAGE ANNOUNCEMENT HERE Traditionally, our Tour de France competition has been one of chance. The competition asked participants for eight ProTour riders who they thought would win stages and jerseys at the Tour and to pool them together as a team. This year, we decided to turn our Tour de France competition on its head. With a more inclusive competition and more prizes, there’s really no reason to not throw your hat in the ring in celebration of one of cycling’s most prestigious grand tours of the year. Here’s the idea:
  • Our Tour de France competition will be split into three weeks with three different competitions, each week will have a separate prize pack. Riders will have the opportunity to have up to two entries per week toward the weekly prize pack.
  • Each week, we will post three different photos and their Tour de France-inspired locations to our blog and social media outlets; two in Salt Lake City, and one in Park City. Riders will have a choice of three pre-decided locations to take photos at but can submit a maximum of two entries per week. These photo submissions count as entries toward the weekly prize pack. One photo = one entry.
  • Entries are pooled together at the end of each week, and one entry is chosen at random to win a prize pack.
  • At the end of the Tour de France, all submissions will be pooled together for our finale prize pack. This will be the best prize pack of them all, so it pays to keep up with two submissions each week!
  • To have a submission, riders must take a photo of their bike in the same location as our example photo dictates. Submission photos should have the same subject and focus as the example photo, though the overall photo does not have to be exactly the same.
  • Post your photo submissions to Instagram using the hashtags #contenderbicycles AND #contendertdf, or send them via email to Alvin at
Tour de France Contest - Contender Bicycles We will announce our week one stage routes on July 8th. Here's an example of what we are looking for:  Hello riders, here's your example stage, based off of Stage Example in the TdF. Our suggested ride based on the TdF stage can be found HERE. The ride finishes at Contender Bicycles in Salt Lake City. Take a photo of your bike in front of the 9th & 9th sign with the shop in the background. Location and coordinates can be found HERE. We will announce prize pack winners as well as our stage locations at the end of each week on our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This provides you the entire week to prep your next ride around our TdF-inspired locations. Don't forget to post your photo submissions to Instagram using the hashtags #contenderbicycles AND #contendertdf, or send them via email to Alvin at The schedule goes as follows: Have any questions about the 2019 Tour de France Fantasy? Send an email to Contender's Race Official Alvin at or call him at the shop at 801.364.0344. WEEK 1 Prize - SCOTT Cadence Plus Helmet, SCOTT Road RC Lace-Up Shoes WEEK 2 Prize - Choice of Assos Mille GT or Assos Uma GT cycling kit, Oakley Jawbreaker Prism Road Sunglasses WEEK 3 Prize - Shimano S-Phyre Road Shoes, Lazer Century Helmet OVERALL Prize - ENVE Road Handlebar, Stem, Seatpost, and Garmin out-front mount. BEST PHOTO Prize - Giro Imperial road shoe.


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