Tricolore In Nero - Colnago C68 Beautiful Bicycle

Tricolore In Nero - Colnago C68 Beautiful Bicycle

Written by Contender Bicycles, on August 16, 2023

We’ve been fortunate to have a solid run of Beautiful Bicycles come through the shop lately, and we’re “molto eccitato” to share this one with you! It’s safe to say that handcrafted Italian road bikes hold a special place in most bike enthusiasts' hearts. They’re the type of unique creations that seem to embody an entire cultural ethos, in a relatively simple machine. 

Colnago’s “C-Series” frames have long been the most special of the special; super-limited, handmade in Italy, previously under the watchful eye of “Il Capo” himself. 

Black + Gold + Black
This particular C68 keeps some simplicity with the subtle, and at the same time striking paint scheme; Matte black, gloss black, accented with gold highlights. Far less madcap and over the top than some of Colnago’s amazing paint designs, the black & gold theme keeps the focus on the attractive, clean lines and progressive shape of the bike. Tradition Meets Tech
In regards to the C68’s shape, it’s a noticeable departure from the previous C-Series’ visibly prominent frame lugs and profiled tubing. The C68 does indeed still use lugs to join the carbon tubes, but they have been cleverly integrated into the composition of the tubes themselves. This is one element of the C68’s design that has definitely brought the bike “into the future”, leaving the nod to tradition to the steel-framed Colnago Master. 

Evolutionary Details
Along with the progressive frame shape and design, the C68 brings contemporary touches like a more mainstream T47 bottom bracket and Ceramic Speed SLT (solid lubrication technology) headset. The hydraulic brake lines are now integrated into the top tube, and the C68 shares the same D-shaped seat post with its VR4S racing sibling. One of the coolest features of the C68 comes in the multi-tool integrated into the steerer tube, quickly accessible by rotating and pulling up on the stem's top cap. A decidedly useful and handy feature that plays well into the “break from tradition” feel of the C68. 

Aero/Not Aero
Between the integrated front end, shaped seat post and overall sleek look of the C68, one might be tempted to call it an “Aero Bike”. Colnago however makes no aero-claims with the C68, the clean and attractive look of the bike being an exercise in aesthetics and ride quality engineering. 

It’s All About The Ride
Speaking of ride quality, this is the mission of the C68, pure and simple. Where previous C-Series models have been race-oriented and race-winning, The C68 has evolved into a bike that aims to provide the best overall ride experience possible. Stiff enough to be responsive and exciting, yet refined enough for day-long grand fondos. 

Exactly What You Expect
Unlike most Objets D’ Art, the beauty of a handcrafted, high dollar bicycle can be felt as well as beheld. The C68 like every Colnago, is striking to the eye, but the sensory experience encompasses so much more. Things have changed over the years at Colnago, but the company’s tradition of dedication to cycling excellence and aesthetic remains as strong as ever. This beautiful Colnago certainly delivers on that tradition! The Build

  • Colnago C68 Frameset
  • Enve SES 3.4 / Chris King Wheelset
  • Deda Elementi Alanara Handlebar/Stem
  • SRAM Red AXS Drivetrain
  • Ceramic Speed OSP Rear Derailleur Cage
  • Selle SMP Stratos Saddle
  • Vittoria Corsa N.EXT Tires

Want to know more about the C68, or look into one of your own? Give us a call or visit us here at the shop. We’d love to get you on the road to your own Italian Dream Machine!


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