Alpine Loop

Written by Contender Staff, on March 03, 2021

Considered by many to be the best road bike ride in the area, the Alpine Loop combines breathtaking scenery and tough climbs into one 45 mile ride. It can be a respite on a particularly warm day; the winding road up is hugged by lush vegetation and mountain streams that lines the imposing Mount Timpanogos. The loop is a misnomer, as it's more an out-and-back unless you're one of the few who has the time and physical ability to make it an all-day adventure. The fact that it's situated in one of the prettiest mountain passes around shadows the other fact that it can be highly-trafficked at times.

The Alpine Loop opens up at 4800 feet and elevation before climbing to nearly 8000 feet at the top of Cascade Springs Drive. The first few miles are brutal, but the views - and the descent - are completely worth it. The Alpine Loop Scenic Byway is generally open between late May and late October, depending on snowmelt. Be sure to stop at the Sundance Store for food and a cool beverage.

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