Cascade Springs

Written by Contender Staff, on March 03, 2021

Looking for a forest road retreat during the heat of the summer that's perfect for your gravel bike? Look no further than here, where the high elevation and amount of natural springs and streams make this a scenic ride to be sure. Cascade Springs Road is lined by beautiful Alpines, but the number of dead-end roads that sprout from FR 475 make this an area where it can be easy to be lost if you’re not careful.

Going south offers a flat to slight decline the entire ride, with only a few manageable climbs. This strip is predominantly a point to point, with the southern exit spitting riders near the Alpine Loop, one of the best road rides in the area. From Cascade Springs, go on FR 475 south toward Sundance. At the fork that becomes Little Deer Creek Road, continue straight. At the next fork, turn on Lupine Lane which puts you in the cul de sac. Take Provo Canyon Road and turn right on Alpine Loop Scenic Byway. This takes you to Sundance.

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