The Whole Guacamole

Written by Contender Bicycles, on February 12, 2024

Taking its name from the notion that it contains “a little bit of everything”, The Whole Guacamole should be on the list for anyone riding the Virgin/Springdale area. With great views of Zion National Park and the Pine Valley Mountains, The Whole Guacamole trail is a fun, intermediate to moderately challenging 11 or so mile loop that includes lots of slick rock type riding, some high desert singletrack thrown in and technical features that make for an excellent overall riding experience. Trail finding can be challenging in a few areas so watch for small rock cairns. Most riders take a clockwise route on the loop, but it can be ridden either direction. Keep a close eye on the trail cairns that mark the turns. There are some white dots marking the trail, but it’s best not to entirely count on those. 

To get to the trailhead, head east from the center of the town of Virgin (Post Office on right). You’ll travel east for 1.5 miles on Hwy 9 to the Dalton Wash Road, where you’ll hang a left. Head  4.2 miles from there, with the last half mile being a somewhat steep drive up onto the mesa. *In wet conditions, that last half mile can be tricky so park at bottom when it’s wet or looks like it might be. The ideal season for The Whole Guacamole is April through October.

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