Wasatch Crest

Wasatch Crest

Written by Contender Staff, on March 03, 2021

If there’s any mountain bike ride to do in the Salt Lake City and Park City area, the Wasatch Crest Trail in Park City, Utah would be it. That said, it requires a rider willing to grunt their way up the trail to nearly 10,000 feet elevation. Once there, riders are welcomed by spectacular views of the Wasatch Mountains and high alpine riding.

The Crest has a few different ways to get up the trail. Many use a shuttle, but our ride starts not too far away from Contender Park City, at nearly 7,000 feet elevation. Riding up the one-way Armstrong Trail sets riders up for riding along ridges (The Spine) and wonderful, flowing trails through alpine forests.

Not the easiest ride, but it’s worth it for the views alone. You can make it as hard or as mellow as you’d want by not pushing the pace. If you take your time, bring some snacks and proper hydration, you’ll love it.

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