Zen Trail

Zen Trail

Written by Contender Bicycles, on February 12, 2024

Easily one of the most popular trails in the St George area, the Zen trail offers an excellent moderate to advanced trail ride for anyone looking to get an overall sample of what the terrain has to offer.

Zen has beautiful views, interesting rock formations and some fun slick rock sections as well. Several short sections throughout the trail may be best walked the first time around, but you can easily inspect them and give them another shot. There are several sections where you’ll need to pay close attention to the trail markers as well. Adding in the Barrel Climb, Zen Plus and Stucki Springs add some more elevation and a bit of fast, fun and slightly technical riding to the basic Zen Trail loop.

To get to the Zen trailhead, head up West Canyon View Dr. on the west side of St. George until the road ends and becomes BLM land. From there, you'll drop down from the mesa into the desert where you'll see trails going off in every direction. Looking west from here, there is a large gap in the landscape that rises before you. If you stay to the left side of this gap and follow the fire road up along the north side of the ridge, the fire road eventually turns into a trail within about 1/4-mile.

At this point you follow the Zen trail to the top, where you'll crest the mesa and get stunning views of the desert landscape. From this point, following the Zen trail in the counterclockwise direction, it is mostly downhill with a few short climbing sections. There’s one spot where the trail splits and you want to make sure you stay LEFT. You can go right, and if you do, it will take you down to a fire road where you can head north back to where the loop starts.


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