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Dumonde Tech Original Lube

SKU: 210000025516

Dumonde Tech Original Lube

Brand: Dumonde
Categories: Lube-cleaner
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This lube essentially forms a liquid plastic through polymerization that coats your chain and lasts a very long time. A low-friction plating is formed on the chain that helps your components run clean, last longer, operate quietly, and it can’t be washed off. Eco-friendly, this chain lube reduces your carbon footprint by lasting longer than other chain lubes. More concentrated than the Lite formula (though they can be used interchangeably), the Original formula is perfect for harsh, challenging conditions. With its thicker coating, the Original formula should be applied less frequently than the Lite.

For an optimal first application, make sure to first degrease and dry your drivetrain. For best performance, 2 - 3 applications are needed for the bonding process to occur through polymerization. When your drivetrain starts to make noise, it is time to reapply. Use mild soap and water to clean between applications.