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Bivo x Contender Insulated Trio 21 oz Bottle

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Bivo x Contender Insulated Trio 21 oz Bottle

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Laser-etched with the classic Contender logo, the Contender x Bivo Trio 21 oz Insulated Bottle brings you a whole new way to stay hydrated and rep your favorite bike shop!  

Designed to keep your chilled beverages nice and cool for 12+ hours, the Contender x Bivo Trio is the first insulated stainless-steel bottle with a flow rate perfect for biking. The Bivo Trio water bottle uses the newest lightweight double-wall vacuum insulation technology on the market and weighs 25% lighter and uses 25% less material than traditional insulated metal bottles. Just like Bivo's other stainless bottles, the Trio achieves an unmatched flow rate without the need to squeeze. The high-quality stainless steel ensures a clean drinking experience free from mold and the taste of plastic, and the silicone exterior coating will keep it securely in your cage and comfortably in your hand.

Bivo water bottles use a sport nozzle lid. This lid lets you empty our bottle faster than you can squeeze most traditional 21oz plastic bottles. It's really that fast! Because of that, the Trio IS NOT designed or intended for use with hot liquids. Using the Trio with hot liquids may result in scalding, burns, or other serious injuries.

Unlike most other stainless steel water bottles, Bivo bottles are designed to fit into your favorite water bottle cages on your bike, no modifications necessary.