Easton EA70 AX Alloy Road Handlebar, 16 Degree Flare 31.8 Components Easton
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Easton EA70 AX Road Handlebar

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The Easton EA70 AX Road Handlebar is designed for adventure and gravel riding, providing a comfortable and stable grip over rough terrain. Made from Easton's proprietary EA70 aluminum alloy, the handlebar is lightweight yet durable, offering a good balance of strength and stiffness. The handlebar features a flare of 16 degrees on the drops, providing extra control and stability during off-road descents. It also has a compact reach of 80mm and a drop of 120mm, making it easy to reach from the hoods and providing a comfortable position for long rides.

The handlebar has a flat top section that provides a comfortable grip for climbing and an ergonomic bend that supports a variety of hand positions. The 31.8mm clamp diameter is compatible with most modern road bike setups, and the available widths provide a range of options to suit different riders' preferences. At a weight of 290 grams, it's a lightweight option that won't weigh down your bike. Overall, the Easton EA70 AX Road Handlebar is a solid choice for riders who want a durable and versatile handlebar that can handle a variety of terrain.

  • Material: Easton EA70 Aluminum Alloy

  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8 mm

  • Reach: 80 mm

  • Drop: 120 mm

  • Width (C-to-C): 40 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm, or 46 cm (depending on model)

  • Flare: 16 degrees

  • Weight: 290 grams (42 cm width)

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