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ENVE Foundation 45 Disc Wheelset

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ENVE Foundation 45 Disc Wheelset

Brand: Enve
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Click HERE for our first look at the ENVE 45 wheelset review, including strength and aero data compared to the competition.

ENVE wheelsets have always been lusted after, and for good reason. Their R&D and carbon production are found close to us in Ogden, Utah because they can have unmatched control and development over their carbon products that would be near impossible anywhere else. The ENVE 45 carbon road bike wheelset uses those resources to provide a best-in-class ride experience through core ENVE technologies.

The ENVE 45 road wheelset belongs to the new Foundation Collection alongside the ENVE 65 Disc wheelset. Each ENVE wheelset uses their core technologies to make them best-in-class. This includes best-in-class aero optimization for 25 to 28c road tubeless tires and tubeless road tire optimization. The hookless bead means that ENVE can also claim a 60+% improvement in pinch flat resistance as well as a 30+% improvement in impact strength against whatever else your rim might come across. They also use a similar molded spoke design as their other ENVE road wheels for equal spoke tension and balance. All said and done, these wheels nicely complement the SES wheels in weight, overall aerodynamics, and features without breaking the bank relatively speaking.

Each ENVE 45 carbon wheelset features a rim with a 45mm depth, 21mm internal depth, and is designed to run only with tubeless-ready tires. The wheel is aero-optimized for 25 to 28c tires, though one can run a wider or narrower depending on preference. ENVE 45 and ENVE 65 use their ENVE Foundation Road Alloy Hub paired to bladed spokes. Total weight is 1541 grams and uses Centerlock brake rotors. Bike wheelsets like the ENVE 45 Disc feature Lifetime Incident Protection and a five-year material warranty.

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