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Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S Tire

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The Pirelli P Zero Velo 4S is a high-performance road bike tire designed for use in all weather conditions. The tire features Pirelli's SmartNET Silica compound, which is designed to provide excellent grip, low rolling resistance, and exceptional durability.

The tread pattern on the P Zero Velo 4S is designed for use in both wet and dry conditions. The center of the tire has a slick surface for low rolling resistance, while the sides have a tread pattern that provides additional grip during cornering. The tread pattern also features small channels that help to disperse water, improving grip on wet roads.

The tire has a 127 TPI (threads per inch) construction, which provides a high level of suppleness and comfort. The higher the TPI, the more supple the tire, and the better it conforms to the terrain. The tire can handle a maximum pressure of 120 PSI, making it suitable for high-speed road cycling.

The P Zero Velo 4S tire is tubeless-ready, meaning that it can be used without an inner tube for reduced rolling resistance and improved puncture protection. The tire bead is designed to lock securely into the rim, creating a tight seal that prevents air from escaping.

The tire is available in several sizes, with the most common being 700c x 25mm. The tire also comes with Pirelli's FGD (Functional Groove Design) technology, which helps to improve the tire's handling and grip on wet roads.

  • Type: Clincher

  • Size options: 700x23, 700x25, 700x28, 700x30

  • TPI (threads per inch): 127

  • Weight (claimed): 205g (700x25), 230g (700x28), 240g (700x30)

  • Compound: SmartNET Silica

  • Puncture protection: Aramid fiber belt

  • Casing: Nylon

  • Recommended pressure: 700x23 - 700x28: 90-110 psi (6.2-7.6 bar), 700x30: 70-90 psi (4.8-6.2 bar)

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