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Santa Cruz Derailleur Hanger

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The Santa Cruz derailleur hanger is an essential component for maintaining proper shifting performance and drivetrain function on Santa Cruz bikes. The hanger attaches to the rear dropout of the frame and serves as a mounting point for the rear derailleur.

There are several different models of Santa Cruz derailleur hangers, each designed to fit a specific range of frames. These hangers are compatible with a variety of Santa Cruz bike models, including the 5010, Blur, Bronson, Highball, Stigmata, Megatower, and Tallboy.

It's important to choose the correct Santa Cruz derailleur hanger for your specific frame to ensure proper function and compatibility. If you're unsure which hanger you need, consult your bike's manual or reach out to a Santa Cruz dealer or bike shop for assistance.


5010 A - 2018-2020

5010 C - 2018-2020

Blur C,CC - 2018+

Bronson A - 2018+

Bronson C,CC - 2018+

Highball C,CC - 2018+


Stigmata CC - 2020+


Megatower C,CC - 2020+

Tallboy C,CC - 2020+


Megatower C,CC - 2020+

Tallboy C,CC - 2020+

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