SCOTT Addict RC Ultimate Bikes Scott Bikes 47 SCOTT Addict RC Ultimate Bikes Scott Bikes
SCOTT Addict RC Ultimate Bikes Scott Bikes 47
SCOTT Addict RC Ultimate Bikes Scott Bikes
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SCOTT Addict RC Ultimate

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The SCOTT Addict RC Ultimate, like everything else with the Ultimate name from SCOTT, is the brand's no sacrifices made bike. Everything is the best of the best. From the HMX SL frame, Zipp 353 NSW wheels, SRAM RED AXS drivetrain with power meter, to the Syncros one-piece handlebars, SCOTT didn’t cut any corners. Even the bike’s Schwalbe Aerotans tubes are the best of the best.

The new Addict RC Ultimate utilizes a race geometry that meets the requirements of professional riders and sportive speed demons. With aggressive positioning, handling is very direct and the Addict RC Ultimate is able to respond to rider input instantaneously while maintaining stability. Like the new Foil, the Addict RC Ultimate has low seat stay attachments to further increase the ride smoothness to account for poorly paved roads and encounters with mixed surfaces. Because the change is made at the seat stay, a smooth riding experience is achieved without compromising pedaling efficiency or stiffness of the bottom bracket. 

Through precision carbon fiber layering, SCOTT is able to reinforce key zones of the Addict RC Ultimate in order to increase the stiffness at the bottom bracket and headset without altering the compliance of the seat stays. Alongside this increase in stiffness, we are also granted a lighter bicycle, as SCOTT implements hollow structure, minimum bonding points, and no alloy parts for drop-out or brake mounts. The increased stiffness and lightness will immediately aid in acceleration, maintaining speed, and in blowing past the hordes on weekend canyon rides. 

Clean and uncluttered, SCOTT prioritizes internal routing and an ergonomic carbon handlebar to keep you feeling good, looking better, and pedaling fast. Ready to turn heads and win races from the moment you walk out of the bike shop, the 2023 ADDICT RC Ultimate is here with a need for speed. Come on into Contender Bicycles to see why we are excited about SCOTT’s 2023 ADDICT RC series of road bikes. 


  • Addict RC Disc HMX SL Carbon Frame
  • Addict RC HMX SL Fork
  • SRAM RED eTap AXS Disc 24 Speed
  • SRAM RED Power meter Crankset 48/35 T
  • ZIPP 353 NSW Carbon Tubeless Disc Wheels
  • Schwalbe PRO ONE TL-Tires
  • Syncros Creston iC SL Carbon Handlebar
  • Syncros Carbon Components
*Please note that bike specifications are subject to change without prior notice
FRAMEAddict RC Disc HMX SL / Road Race geometry / Replaceable Derailleur Hanger / Internal cable routing
FORKAddict RC HMX SL Flatmount Disc / 1 1/4"-1 1/2" Eccentric Carbon steerer
REAR DERAILLEURSRAM RED eTap AXS / 24 Speed Electronic Shift System
SHIFTERSSRAM RED eTap AXS HRD Shift-Brake System Electronic Shift System
CRANKSETSRAM RED Power meter Crankset / 48/35 T
BRAKESSRAM RED eTap AXS HRD Shift-Brake System
ROTORSRAM CenterLine XR rotor 160/F and 160/R
HANDLEBARSyncros Creston iC SL / Carbon combo
SEATPOSTSyncros Duncan SL Aero
SEATSyncros Belcarra Regular SL
HEADSETSyncros Addict RC Integrated
WHEELSETZipp 353 NSW Carbon tubeless disc-brake / Syncros SL Axle / Removable Lever with Tool
FRONT TIRESchwalbe PRO ONE Microskin, TL-Easy, Folding / 700x28C / Schwalbe AEROTAN Tube
REAR TIRESchwalbe PRO ONE Microskin, TL-Easy, Folding / 700x28C / Schwalbe AEROTAN Tube
MAX. SYSTEM WEIGHT120kg / The overall weight includes the bike, the rider, the equipment, and possible additional luggage.

2023 Scott Addict RC Geometry

XXS/47 XS/49 S/52 M/54 L/56 XL/58 XXL/61
A head tube angle 70.5 ° 71.0 ° 72.0 ° 72.5 ° 73.0 ° 73.3 ° 73.3 °
B head tube length 97.0 mm 102.0 mm 115.0 mm 135.0 mm 155.0 mm 175.0 mm 193.0 mm
C top tube horizontal 520.0 mm 530.0 mm 540.0 mm 550.0 mm 565.0 mm 580.0 mm 600.0 mm
D standover height 720.0 mm 740.0 mm 755.0 mm 778.0 mm 798.0 mm 818.0 mm 838.0 mm
E BB offset -70.0 mm -70.0 mm -70.0 mm -70.0 mm -70.0 mm -70.0 mm -70.0 mm
F BB height 274.5 mm 274.5 mm 274.5 mm 274.5 mm 274.5 mm 274.5 mm 274.5 mm
G Addict RC 987.5 mm 994.0 mm 991.0 mm 992.0 mm 1,000.0 mm 1,008.0 mm 1,023.0 mm
H BB center to toptube center 410.0 mm 430.0 mm 460.0 mm 480.0 mm 500.0 mm 520.0 mm 550.0 mm
I BB center to top of seattube 470.0 mm 490.0 mm 520.0 mm 540.0 mm 560.0 mm 580.0 mm 610.0 mm
J seat angle 74.5 ° 74.5 ° 74.0 ° 73.6 ° 73.3 ° 73.0 ° 72.5 °
K chainstay 410.0 mm 410.0 mm 410.0 mm 410.0 mm 410.0 mm 410.0 mm 410.0 mm
L reach 380.0 mm 388.0 mm 389.0 mm 390.0 mm 395.0 mm 400.0 mm 410.0 mm
M stack 504.0 mm 511.0 mm 526.5 mm 548.0 mm 568.5 mm 588.0 mm 606.0 mm
N stem length 90.0 mm 90.0 mm 100.0 mm 110.0 mm 110.0 mm 120.0 mm 120.0 mm
O centre saddle - centre bar (hor.) 635.0 mm 650.0 mm 674.0 mm 694.0 mm 710.0 mm 736.0 mm 761.0 mm
P centre saddle - centre bar (vert.) 92.0 mm 105.0 mm 106.0 mm 103.0 mm 100.0 mm 106.0 mm 115.0 mm
Q reach centre bar 454.0 mm 463.0 mm 474.0 mm 485.0 mm 492.0 mm 507.0 mm 518.0 mm
R stack centre bar 563.0 mm 570.0 mm 586.0 mm 607.0 mm 627.5 mm 649.0 mm 667.0 mm

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