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Sidi SRS Fast

SKU: 210000131920

Sidi SRS Fast

Brand: Sidi
Categories: Footwear
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SIDI knows that speed and comfort are heavily correlated; if you’re in pain, chances are you won’t be moving too quickly. That’s why SIDI utilizes their proprietary TECNO-3 SYSTEM to optimize the fit along the entire length of the upper. The result? A customized fit. SIDI has further refined their reliable and replaceable closures by introducing an exclusive SIDI Wire material that makes on-the-fly adjustments an absolute breeze.

The SIDI SRS FAST sports a reinforced cup that stabilizes and supports your heel. This allows you to convert more power from your pedal stroke to road bike speed. Beneath the heel piece you’ll find a replaceable heel pad so that you can increase the shoe’s lifespan with ease. A carbon composite 20 sole composed of nylon and carbon fiber further elongates the life of the shoe to keep the nylon stiff.

With an upper designed with a microfiber synthetic leather for real leather feel and outstanding abrasion resistance, you’ll have an aging resistant anti-bacterial surface that’ll look fresh long after other competing shoes.