Cervélo Gravel Bike, Endurance Road

Cervélo Bikes

For the Sake of Speed

Conceptualized at Eindhoven University and founded in Canada, two engineers Gerard Vroomen and Phil White brought Cervelo Cycles to the world to develop the fastest bikes possible. The name Cervelo is an amalgamation of Italian and French words that directly translates to "brain bike". While the translation may not be cohesive, the bikes they design are compliant and intuitive.

Cervelo Bikes gained international acclaim by providing bikes to Team CSC while the team was ranked 14th in the world. This act places Cervelo as one of the smallest, and youngest, companies ever to supply pro tour racers on the international stage. From there Cervelo has gone on to test and refine their fine tuned cycling equipment and components with athletes of the highest caliber so that their technological innovations can trickle down to you and me.

Regardless of what you and pro athletes have in common, the craftsmanship of these precision instruments translates to pure speed and uninhibited joy that can be enjoyed by all.

Cervelo Road Bikes

Developed in collaboration with professional athletes, Cervélo road bikes synthesize speed, style, and agility into a cohesive machine.

From the mind numbing climbing speed of the Cervelo R5, to the sprinting efficiency of the S5, and the genre blending capabilities of the Caledonia, Cervelo doesn't drown consumers in an exhaustive catalog of bikes. They simply offer well thought out purpose-built bicycles to take you from zero to hero.

Cervelo Caledonia going FAST. Pink Flowers.

Cervelo Caledonia Sparkle

Caledonia Endurance Road Bike

Meet the Cervelo Caledonia; it's an all-road endurance bike with a carbon disc brake frame and 34mm tire eating capabilities. Cervelo knows that rooted river paths and gravel roads sometimes appear in front of us so they've provided just enough bike to comply without sacrificing blazing speeds.

Cervélo Gravel & CX Bikes

Gravel rider having way too little fun

If you're the type of rider taking a road racing mentality off road then you'll rejoice at Cervelo's offerings. Put out high wattage and reap the rewards of responsiveness and smooth rolling speed. Cervelo's R5-CX Bike, Aspero-5 gravel crusher, and Aspero lurch out of the starting gate with a knack, and history, for competitive wins and supreme ride quality.

In the word's of Cervelo, a gravel bike should "Haul ass, not cargo.", and that's what a Cervelo Aspero does. Please note the Aspero does have a top tube mount — you can haul some cargo.

Cervélo Áspero Gravel Bike

The Cervélo Áspero leaps forward to conquer terrain with an eager ease. No skinny blade-like tires here; the carbon frame Aspero is future-proofed with large tire clearance. The tapered Áspero fork has a Trail Mixer two-position flip chip to compensate for the difference in circumference between 700c and 650b wheel size. Devour a diet of crunchy gravel at an impressive pace. The Cervelo gravel bike leaves all other gravel bikes coughing down your backroads dust.

With its beefy down tube, gravel-specific tube shapes, and options like carbon Reserve wheels fitted with Panaracer Gravel King tires, SRAM or Shimano build — the Aspero is a fast gravel bike that delivers maximum performance to the athlete seeking unapologetic speed and quick handling of a full-on race bike.

Cervelo Aspero Product Image



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