Cervelo Cycles, a company conceptualized at Eindhoven University and founded in Canada by engineers Gerard Vroomen and Phil White, is dedicated to creating the fastest bikes possible. The name Cervelo, a fusion of Italian and French words, directly translates to "brain bike". This moniker reflects the company's commitment to producing bikes that are both intuitive and compliant.

Cervelo gained international recognition by supplying bikes to Team CSC when the team was ranked 14th in the world. This move placed Cervelo as one of the smallest and youngest companies ever to supply pro tour racers on the global stage. Since then, Cervelo has continued to refine its cycling equipment and components with the help of the highest caliber athletes, ensuring that its technological innovations trickle down to riders of all levels.

Whether you're a pro athlete or a casual rider, the craftsmanship of Cervelo's precision instruments translates to pure speed and unbridled joy. These bikes are designed to perform at the highest levels, with unparalleled speed and control, making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their riding experience. With Cervelo, you can experience the thrill of pure speed and the freedom of uninhibited joy, no matter your skill level.

Cervélo Road Bikes

Cervelo Caledonia going FAST. Pink Flowers.

Developed in collaboration with professional athletes, Cervélo road bikes synthesize speed, style, and agility into a cohesive machine.

From the mind numbing climbing speed of the Cervelo R5, to the sprinting efficiency of the S5, and the genre blending capabilities of the Caledonia, Cervelo doesn't drown consumers in an exhaustive catalog of bikes. They simply offer well thought out purpose-built bicycles to take you from zero to hero.

Cervélo Caledonia

The Cervelo Caledonia is a road bike that delivers an exceptional combination of speed and comfort. Built with an advanced carbon fiber frame and top-of-the-line components, this bike is designed to handle even the toughest roads and terrain. The Caledonia's innovative design provides riders with maximum comfort, enabling them to stay in the saddle for extended periods and push themselves to their limits. With precise handling and responsive braking, this bike is ideal for both fast-paced group rides and long-distance endurance events. Whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring amateur, the Cervelo Caledonia is the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate their riding experience.

Cervelo Caledonia Sparkle

Cervélo Soloist

The Cervelo Soloist is a top-of-the-line road bike that delivers unparalleled speed and performance. From its sleek carbon fiber frame to its high-end components, this bike is designed to help riders push their limits and achieve their goals. The Soloist's stiff and responsive frame ensures that every bit of power is transferred directly to the pedals, resulting in lightning-fast acceleration and unmatched handling. With its cutting-edge design and premium components, the Cervelo Soloist is a favorite among professional cyclists and dedicated amateurs alike. So why settle for anything less than the best? Take your riding to the next level with the Cervelo Soloist.

Cervélo Gravel & CX Bikes

Gravel rider having way too little fun

If you're the type of rider taking a road racing mentality off road then you'll rejoice at Cervelo's offerings. Put out high wattage and reap the rewards of responsiveness and smooth rolling speed. Cervelo's R5-CX Bike, Aspero-5 gravel crusher, and Aspero lurch out of the starting gate with a knack, and history, for competitive wins and supreme ride quality.

In the word's of Cervelo, a gravel bike should "Haul ass, not cargo.", and that's what a Cervelo Aspero does. Please note the Aspero does have a top tube mount — you can haul some cargo.

Cervélo Áspero

 The Cervelo Aspero is the ultimate gravel bike, built to tackle the roughest off-road terrain with confidence and ease. Its advanced carbon fiber frame and top-of-the-line components are designed to provide maximum control and stability, enabling riders to navigate everything from rocky trails to technical descents. With precise handling and responsive braking, the Aspero is ideal for fast-paced gravel races and long-distance adventures. Whether you're a seasoned gravel grinder or a new adventurer, the Cervelo Aspero is the perfect choice for anyone looking to explore new frontiers and take their riding to the next level.



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