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Contender Bicycles is proud to continue our partnership with Moots and offer their beautifully hand-crafted bike frames to avid cyclists of all levels. We offer Moots because we believe that their titanium frames are the best alternative to carbon-fiber, with a fine ride quality and exceptional longevity. The custom-drawn titanium tubesets used in all Moots frameset balance all of the material’s benefits based on frame design, size and intended use. Nobody does titanium with the same level of quality and precision as Moots, with each and every frame, stem and seatpost handmade in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The Moots legend began decades ago, when their first lugged steel road bike hit the pavement in 1981. Soon after, the Mootaineer (Moots’ first mountain bike) took to the endless trails surrounding their hometown Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Moots continued to evolve, shifting to tig-welded frames which offer greater flexibility in geometry, tube selection, and frame design. Seeking to make their bikes even better, Moots showcased their first titanium frame in the early 1990s, and in doing so, ushered in the gold standard in titanium frame design. Today, Moots continues a steady development cycle of new products and revisions to their standards such as the Vamoots, Womble, and PsychloX. What hasn’t evolved is the amazing build quality of their frames. You can view a new Moots bike as a long-lasting investment that is built to pay you back with mile-after-mile of impeccable performance.

Gentleman riding a Moots mountain bike through the woods


Given the terrain surrounding Steamboat Springs, it’s no surprise that mountain bikes remain an integral part of Moots’ business. In fact, Moots’ proprietary YBB soft-tail technology is still one of the most recognized designs in an industry filled with wild ideas.

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YBB combines the natural elasticity of titanium with a suspension damper, to create a smooth ride without the use of complex suspension linkages. Today, Moots offers YBB on their Rogue YBB and Mooto X YBB mountain bikes, and Moots Routt YBB gravel road bikes. Moots’ off-road know-how extends to their other models, with and without YBB, all of which offer beautiful ride quality and durability. Continuing to evolve, Moots has adopted the latest Plus tire craze, with several models featuring 27 plus tires, such as the YBB-equipped Mootaineer 27.5+ and the brand new Farwell 27+/29 Boost hardtail. Taking tire size even wider, they offer the Moots Frosthammer, a purpose-build fatbike, equally at home on snow as it is on the trail. And all Moots mountain bike frames come hand crafted for years and years of hard pounding on the trail.

A couple riding Moots road bikes westward


For those who have been to Steamboat know it isn’t just the mountain that offer miles of bliss. The road riding in and around Steamboat Springs is world class, with empty paved roads, winding dirt, and a plethora of cross-worthy flowing singletrack.

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Celebrating their 35th year, Moots has launched a limited edition version of the Vamoots: the 35th Moots Vamoots RSL-LE, complete with custom finish, and a beautiful assortment of components from Shimano, ENVE, and Chris King. The Vamoots is classic Moots road, with several geometries from aggressive race with the Vamoots standard, to endurance and dirt road with the Vamoots CR. Again, in an evolution of Moots bikes, nearly all Vamoots models are offered with thru-axles and disc brakes, which feature custom 3d-printed Titanium dropouts for an ultra-clean look. The Moots PsychloX is a cyclocross staple, and the new Routt series of big tire dirt road bikes is blurring the lines between road and off-road touring. Moots embraces adventure riding, as well, and recently launched the Baxter, a drop-bar road-bike-esque off-road tourer, with clearance for 29×2.1” tires.

A Moots framebuilder doing a fine job welding a bottom bracket on a Moots titanium frame.


Finally, Moots’ construction process is very unique, and allows Moots to perfect how their tubes fit and speed up delivery times. This is why Moots offers a range in sizes, rather than only offering custom. Custom touches such as sliding dropouts (for single speed drivetrains), additional braze-ons, S&S couplers, and headtube extensions can be added to nearly any bike. RSL ultra-lightweight versions are available in nearly every frame platform, for those looking for the lightest titanium can offer. There are a plethora of finishing options, and Moots continues to offer refinishing packages, to turn a well-loved Moots Ti frame into a like-new Moots Ti Frame. And most importantly, Moots frames are handcrafted in the Rocky Mountains for years of loving use.

A gentleman pedalling a Moots Vamoots RSL - He looks strong



At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling bikes are the people who ride them. Each of us on staff has extensive experience riding bikes across many brands. To contact Contender Bicycles regarding any questions on any Moots bike, email us at or call the shop.