Orbea’s humble beginnings originated in the heart of the Basque Country in 1840, a family affair between three brothers. While finding their start in rifle machining, the company permanently left the industry to build bicycles just before World War I. Thanks to Tour de France stage champion Mariano Cañardo, Orbea very quickly gained recognition as a premier cycling brand in the public's eye. Over time, the company became a leader amongst its peers, pioneering many innovative products and manufacturing procedures. It's in this environment that Orbea has thrived, being an integral part of cycling in Basque country society.

Today, Orbea offers a wide range of bicycles, from meticulously-detailed road and mountain bikes, to simple commuter bikes, to pushing the envelope on electric bikes. Each Orbea bicycle has the spirit of the Pyrenees mountains, with an attention to detail that is unique to the brand. Every tiny detail on the bike has been hand picked for the best riding experience possible, making the bike as much a part of the rider as the legs powering it forward.


Updated for 2021

Long travel 29er mountain bikes are often touted as the fastest-growing segment of mountain bikes, but many riders still look for efficiency in their mountain bikes, and have little need for the big travel those bikes afford. In that case, the all-new 2021 Orbea Oiz XC bike is the Basque company’s finest choice yet. Available as both the World Cup-ready Oiz XC, or the trail-worthy Oiz TR, Oiz promises to have every need covered.

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At first glance, the all-new Oiz looks pretty similar to the outgoing bike. However, there are a number of key differences, all which point toward evolution rather than revolution. The rear shock lock-out uses what Orbea calls Inside Line, a patent-pending design with Fox that has the remote cable be run in and out of the frame with no bends no external wiring. In general, cable routing through the frame is much cleaner in appearance and quieter on the trail than before. Further, new Oiz frames size medium to extra large can accommodate two water bottles – a huge plus in our book.

As for the difference between Oiz XC and Oiz TR? Suspension travel. The suspension platform is the same on both the XC and the TR models, with only a longer stroke shock (45mm vs 40mm) allowing the TR model to get an additional 20mm of travel. The eye-to-eye length of the shock remains the same at 190mm, which means the geometry and suspension kinematics aren’t too different between the two bikes. Head angle is still 69° at 100mm (68° in 120mm), while the seat angle (75°) has steepened to put riders in a better position in climbing.

With two different suspension platforms and the Orbea MyO customization program, there are tons of ways to get the exact Oiz you’re looking for. For more of our thoughts on the Oiz, check out our first look HERE.


The Middle Child

Being the middle child isn’t always the ideal situation. Middle children often have a reputation for not receiving the attention or care they might deserve, leaving them to their own devices to sort out their lives. In the case of the Orbea Occam, the Basque brand’s middle child receives a host of changes for 2020, including an entirely new 29er wheel platform, modern progressive geometry, and value-packed parts kits for every level of rider.

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The Orbea Occam trail bike is based around an alloy frame or their lightweight OMR carbon technology; the alloy frame features smooth welds that keep the frame strong, and the OMR carbon allows the frame to weigh in at just 2300 grams for a frame and hardware. These frames share the same geometry and 140 mm rear travel paired with either a 140 mm or 150 mm fork. The frames also feature a secondary brace that connects the downtube and the seat tube, all in the name of strengthening high-stress areas and neutralizing suspension forces to the frame.

Suspension kinematics are dialed in as well. A single-pivot four-bar Horst link design uses a concentric pivot around the rear axle to improve the rear end’s flexibility. Orbea have also changed the leverage ratios to increase higher sensitivity over small bumps, and increased anti-squat and lowered anti-rise in an effort to improve performance going into corners while ensuring that there was a strong platform for climbing.

About that geometry: it’s good, like impressively so. a 77-degree seat tube angle, a 66-degree head tube angle, a 44 mm-offset fork, and just right reach numbers that are suitably bumped up compared to the previous model. They’ve paired this to lower standover heights in each size for longer dropper posts and a lower bottom bracket for improved stability.

Orbea sweat the details when it comes to the Rallon. You’ll find a built-in chain guide, internal cable routing, and a threaded bottom bracket on all frames. Rubber frame protectors around the bottom bracket and chainstays with raised ribs to keep chain slap noise to a minimum and Enduro MAX bearings ensure the Occam’s riding longevity.

Orbea Occam is available at myriad pricepoints, starting at just $2599 for the Occam H30 an alloy frame with Fox/Marzocchi suspension, a dropper post, and Shimano SLX drivetrain. Occam M-LTD, with carbon wheels and a Shimano XTR drivetrain, weighs in at a lithe 26 pounds even. Its the trail bike for everyone.


Enhance Your Ride

There’s a bit of a disagreement as to how much sense an e-road bike makes in the real world. Many cite the argument that hard work is all that’s necessary to riding a road bike, but like a kind tailwind, we find a gentle push is much-welcomed by anyone. That’s the idea of the Orbea Gain e-road and e-gravel bike: take e-bike technology and make it easy for road cyclists to use and embrace. At a push of a button in the top tube, the Gain easily becomes one of the most-rewarding e-bikes available.


Why are we so excited by the Orbea Gain? It starts with the iWoc ONE controller, the single button found on the top tube. iWoc ONE controls motor assist levels and shows how much battery life is left. Not enough information for the data-hungry among us? Ebikemotion offers a companion app that not only offers battery life and power output, but turn by turn navigation and auto-uploading to Strava.

IWoc ONE controls the heart of the bike, the Ebikemotion X35 drive motor. This hub-based drive motor is light, offers reliable support up to 20 mph. The motor offers 250 W power and 40 Nm torque, and is drag-free when the motor isn’t in use. All of this is powered by an internal 250 Wh Panasonic battery hidden in the downtube, which combined with the controller and motor, weighs in at under 8 pounds.

Gain is available in alloy and full carbon versions, as well as road and all-road iterations. It offers road geometry, but it’ll fit a 700 x 40c tire. Its an excellent do-all bike that offers a ton of progressive technology in an easy to use package. For more information, check out our ride review HERE, and our comparison against the Pinarello Dyodo HERE.


Alma, Oiz, Occam, Rallon

While Orbea’s presence in the US is dominated by road bikes, mountain bikes make up the bulk of Orbea’s successes globally. Orbea remains a dominant force on the world cup mountain bike circuit, and is a leading name in long travel 29″ mountain bikes as well. From the ultralight Orbea Oiz, to the rough-and-tumble Orbea Rallon, there is sure to be an Orbea mountain bike for every occasion and need.

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The Orbea model line starts at the Orbea Alma hardtail mountain bike, Orbea’s ideal combination of low weight, pedaling stiffness, and surprising handling ability. It overall offers up a lighter-weight and more efficient frame, Boost hub spacing for up to 2.4” 29er tires, and a new full-carbon Spirit rigid fork option for a lightweight, snappy ride. To ensure consistent handling for all rider-heights, Small and Medium Almas are designed around a 27.5” wheel, while Medium through XL are designed around 29” wheels. Orbea continues to prove there’s a place for great riding hardtail mountain bikes, and the new Alma is one of the most advanced race bikes around.

The all-new 2019 Orbea Oiz (pronounced “oh-eeth”) is built for pure speed, utilizing 29” wheels and a choice of 100mm or 120mm travel. It is built around Boost spacing, allowing for big 2.4” tires, and additional wheel stiffness. At a minimal weight penalty over a hardtail, the new Orbea Oiz will quicken even the smoothest ride, thanks to efficient, light-weight full travel suspension. Orbea further enhances performance by its use of UFO, a pivotless carbon rear triangle that offers extreme lateral stiffness with controlled, engineered flex to match the suspension path, featured on every model. Choose the Oiz XC, and it’s fast race bike first and foremost. Choose the Oiz TR, with 120mm travel, wider tires, and a dropper post, and you have a bike that is surprisingly capable all over the trail.

Not to be outdone, the Orbea Occam trail/all-mountain bike comes as versatile as they can be. The Orbea Occam trail bike is based around an alloy frame or their lightweight OMR carbon technology; the alloy frame features smooth welds that keep the frame strong, and the OMR carbon allows the frame to weigh in at just 2300 grams for a frame and hardware. These frames share the same geometry and 140 mm rear travel paired with either a 140 mm or 150 mm fork. The frames also feature a secondary brace that connects the downtube and the seat tube, all in the name of strengthening high-stress areas and neutralizing suspension forces to the frame.

The Orbea Rallon (pronounced “ray-YONE”) long travel 29″ mountain bike features an asymmetric front triangle that, leaving the shock exposed on the other side. While it looks impressive, Orbea did this to increase front triangle stiffness in an effort to improve shock performance and cornering ability. Boasting 150mm of rear travel (and 160mm front travel) through Orbea’s own ‘Advance Dynamics’ four bar linkage suspension design, models such as the Orbea Rallon M10 is designed to help limit the disruption of the shock with braking forces combined with a high pivot point and a claimed improvement in both progressiveness and linear suspension action over the previous Rallon design, achieving this with a collaboration with suspension experts Fox. Neat features like a threaded bottom bracket, an integrated downtube protector, and the ability to run 180mm make this an excellent choice for when the going gets rough.

From entry level to exotic high end, Orbea has the whole spectrum of mountain bikes covered. Each are quintessential Orbea mountain bikes, tuned for Basque country mountains.


Orca, Orca Aero, Avant, Terra

While many companies build go-fast road bikes, few ask the question as to “the point in building a competition bike and not having a team” like Orbea has. With its roots in the high end Spanish bicycle manufacturer Zeus, as well as massive input from pro racing, it is no wonder that Orbea has such a comprehensive line of road bikes. From the respected Orbea Orca road bike to the versatile Orbea Terra gravel bike, each carries the distinct honor of being bred in the Basque country.


The highly-revered Orca road bike is their premier road bike, and a mainstay of the pro racing peloton. Unlike others who are turning aggressive race bikes into endurance machines, the brand new Orca is sticking with its competitive roots and is achieving even greater performance for racing and hard, competitive road riding. The Orca’s geometry has been refined for 2017, offering a lower, more aggressive riding position, as well as shorter chainstays and wheelbase for increased responsiveness. They’ve coupled this to a refined carbon layup, with rim brake model framesets weighing in at as little as 795g for OMR carbon frames. Despite the weight loss, Orbea claims that the new Orca is 26% stiffer laterally, and 20% stiffer in the headtube. This allows the Orca to turn in, accelerate, and carry speed better than ever before.

New to the Orbea road bike model line is the Orbea Orca Aero. For years, Orbea has focused more on low weight, climbing ability, and ride stiffness in the form of the standard Orbea Orca. However, with the Orca Aero, Orbea has found a winning combination of their proven geometry and aero tubing. The Orca Aero starts life with the top of the line OMR-grade carbon fiber frame that is designed to give free speed under all racing conditions. Orbea claims a savings of 27 watts at 50 km/h, or better yet 82 seconds over a 50 km course. They do this through use of an integrated stem and seatpost clamp, along with direct mount brakes, and seriously sculpted tubing profiles. Despite this, the Orca Aero frame weigh in at just under 1000g, while consistently showing up stiffer than their already-stiff Orbea Orca. The bike is built for speed and it makes no apologies for it.

The Orbea Avant is designed for long, grueling rides over varied terrain. All bikes in the Avant line are intended to keep the rider poised and in control on even the longest days. Unlike the Orca, the Avant’s geometry puts the rider into a more upright and comfortable riding position. Orbea’s Dynamic Structure Stiffness concept remains, delivering performance that matches the added compliance. Orbea is also offering the Avant in both carbon and alloy versions, giving beginner and more serious riders, alike, the Avant’s great handling and performance for years of happy riding. Overall weight is cut 200g to 990g, meaning that the Avant loses none of the precise handling and snappy acceleration that Basque country road bikes are known fork. Clearance for up to a 30c tire further take the edge off of long rides.

On the gravel front, Orbea offers the versatile Orbea Terra. The Terra comes as a carbon fiber frameset with generous tire clearance, officially swallowing 40mm-wide tires through the fork blades and rear stays. Rolling over gravel, dirt, and other multi-surface roads, the Terra’s all-carbon frame and fork demonstrate surprisingly good handling capability in addition to great pedaling stiffness. While it has a relatively slack 70.5 degree headtube angle and 430mm chainstays, the bike doesn’t handle sloppily. It comes in one lightweight carbon frame combination or a versatile alloy frame, both with wide tire clearances and hidden fender mounts.

Each Orbea road bike comes in multiple builds and price ranges. Many of these models also offer the Orbea MyO paint and component customization program, allowing riders to find a bike truly built for their needs.


Design Your Ride

Customizing your bicycle is an exercise in individuality. Fortunately for us, we have Orbea MyO. What is MyO, you ask? MyO is Orbea’s customization program featured on most models. It allows anyone to crate custom color schemes, choose build spec, and really build their perfect 1-of-1 Orbea. We’ve had a ton of fun with this program and every MyO bike we’ve had come through our shop looks fantastic. MyO is available on nearly all mid-range and above models, from the racy Orca to the rough-and-tumble Rallon.



At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling bikes are the people who ride them. Each of us on staff has extensive experience riding bikes across many brands. Cody Wignall is our expert on Orbea bicycles. To contact Cody regarding any questions on Orbea bikes, email him at info@contenderbicycles.com or by phone during shop hours at Contact Us.