Italian design and cycling heritage collide beautifully under the name of Pinarello. Starting in the late 1950’s, Pinarello has continually gained notoriety for their success in the sport, including 7 contemporary Tour De France victories. Not only visually stunning, Pinarello bikes continue to push forward the engineering and performance needed to be the best.

In their pursuit of making race bikes both lighter and stiffer, Pinarello has successfully maintained ride quality that other high-end brands have long forgotten. This is what makes their bikes so special; a tangible dedication to handling, ride feel, and liveliness that makes some other bikes feel lifeless in comparison. In doing so Pinarello does something uniquely Italian by paying respect to the history of our sport with new, technologically advanced racing bikes that maintain both an exquisite ride and beautiful aesthetic.

Pinarello Dogma F

The Dogma F is the culmination of all Pinarello’s skill and experience, a masterpiece of engineering and speed. The Dogma F offers advancements in handling, comfort, and aerodynamics all wrapped in a package that can climb, descend, and sprint with equal flair. Whatever the road throws at you, the DOGMA F is always the right bike.

Pinarello F Series

The Pinarello F series is engineered to excel wherever you ride. As the saying goes, "what goes up, must come down", and this bike is as capable at climbing as it is at speeding down descents, truly defining all-around performance. With a rich history of iconic bicycles, passionate craftsmanship, and expertise, Pinarello has infused the F lineup with its DNA, resulting in an exceptional road bike lineup.

Pinarello X-Series

Built with the same DNA as their Tour de France winning machines, Pinarello’s X-Series Endurance range is designed for long days in the saddle and the kind of exciting rides that make for unforgettable memories. Confidence inspiring and comfortable enough for all-day outings, The Pinarello X Series will inspire confidence and deliver the control you need.

Pinarello Nytro

The new Nytro E-line opens up a world of possibilities to experience cycling! This range is designed for all cyclists looking to enjoy the emotions of cycling. It’s created with adventure in mind, allowing riders to tackle long rides and the steep climbs of Alpine passes with more agility and confidence than a traditional road bike.

Pinarello Granger X

Taking a more relaxed, practical approach to hitting the gravel, the Granger X is Pinarello's endurance oriented adventure machine.
The Granger X is built with the same DNA as Pinarello's Tour de France winning road machines, but designed for long days in the saddle on terrain that requires control, versatility and durability. The Granger X delivers this all up, with smooth Pinarello style and good looks.

Pinarello Grevil

Ready for anything and ready to help you achieve it. Pinarello’s “Off-Road Dogma”, the Grevil aims to triumph on any terrain. Aerodynamically enhanced and able to accommodate a wide range of wheel/tire combos, the Grevil can adapt to your every need and give you the freedom to push the limits and compete with yourself.

Pinarello Paris

Poised and performant, the Pinarello Paris brings Pinarello goodness to the masses at a surprising price point. Versatile and comfortable enough for all riders, yet aerodynamic and well equipped enough for Grand Fondos and daily training sessions. The Pinarello Paris maintains the famous Pinarello ride feeling. The Paris is the gateway into Pinarello’s world of iconic racing machines.

Pinarello Prince

Since its inception, the Pinarello Prince has been more than just a bike, it’s a statement of style, performance and passion for the sport. Whether conquering steep climbs, sprinting for race wins or simply cruising scenic routes, the Prince is the perfect choice for riders who demand nothing but the best from their equipment.



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