Maybe you’re the kind of person who gives your bike a name. You develop an almost personal relationship with your two-wheeled best friend and can relate to the memes of people snuggling up to their bikes in bed.

You add specific components and swap out stock parts to create a ride that is uniquely yours.

Why not take the final step in this love affair with cycling and give your bicycle a custom paint job that makes it truly one of a kind?

Contender Bicycles is well known for our custom builds. But did you know you can come to us for a custom paint job on your bike that will bring your vision to life? Whether you have the artwork ready to go, need help with extracting a design from an idea or simply want to have a bike painted in your favorite school’s colors, Contender Bicycles can work with you from beginning to end.

Todd has been Contender Bicycles’ go-to custom painter for years. With hundreds of bikes in his portfolio and a home studio where he creates individual masterpieces, Todd will collaborate with you. First, Todd listens to your ideas and inspirations. He asks questions and offers suggestions. After considerable communication you get a rough draft or proof of what your bike might look like and after you give the thumbs up the magic happens.

Regular visitors to Contender Bicycles have undoubtedly seen custom painted bikes on display. Open Cycle seems to attract a cyclist who not only appreciates an exceptional bike, but has a personal style. Each of Open Cycle’s models comes in beautiful colors, but is also available in a RTP option. RTP stands for Ready To Paint and we’ve seen some unbelievable pieces of art created on Open frames.

We’ve also helped our customers whip up RTP orders for pretty much any bike we have in the shop or any bike they have in the garage. 3T, BMC, Lauf or whatever you’re riding these days, we can help your imagination become reality.

Perhaps the most surprising part of our RTP service is the price. While more detailed and ornate designs take more time and cost a bit more, you can have a bike painted in your favorite colors for as little as $350. More complex and ornate designs will cost a bit more, of course. Typically, it takes about two weeks from the time you leave your frame with us until you’re back on the road pedaling a bike that is as unique as you are.

There aren’t many bike shops that have as close a relationship with their painter as we do. Our RTP custom paint program offers an easy way to get a truly unique bicycle at a minimal premium, as well as something that’s so much more than another bike on the trail or road. Contact us today by email at, or give us a call during business hours to get the ideas flowing.

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