Santa Cruz Bicycles


Santa Cruz Bicycles comes from the eclectic city of it's namesake. With a unique combination of beachfront alternative lifestyle and a seriously slept on network of trails for mountain biking and hiking, Santa Cruz Bicycles offers an approach to cycling that is uniquely theirs. Santa Cruz got their start in 1993 with the Tazmon and Heckler - two full suspension bikes released in a raff of hardtail mountain bikes. Over the years, Santa Cruz Bikes has developed one of the most loyal fanbases in mountain biking thanks to their consistent approach.

Today, Santa Cruz Bicycles offers a range of aluminum frame and carbon frame mountain bikes, from the Santa Cruz Chameleon hardtail, to the ever-capable Santa Cruz Hightower long travel 29er trail / enduro bike. Their advanced VPP (Virtual Pivot Point) technology offers some of the best suspension kinematics in the industry, while each bike is hand-assembled to order in the Santa Cruz California factory. Every Santa Cruz is the distillation of a desire to ride and build the best mountain bikes in the world, with a touch of swagger that only an environment that Surf City USA can foster.

Santa Cruz Tallboy

Fun on the climb and the descent. Uncomprimising stability with a snappy 130mm of suspension. The Santa Cruz Tallboy punches far above it's weight. Downcountry perfection with a little extra in-case it gets steep.

Santa Cruz 5010

Mixed wheels and big smiles. The Santa Cruz 5010 delivers lightning fast handling paired with other-worldly precision. Whether it's backyard single track or manicured bike park terrain the 5010 pushes you further.

Santa Cruz Stigmata

The only drop-bar bike from Santa Cruz lives up to it's cross racing pedigree. Modern geometry makes the Stigmata a beast on the fire road and on the race course. Take it to far away places or the podium!

Santa Cruz Megatower

The Megatower will get up and get down in record time! 170mm of travel to tackle full days at the DH park. The Santa Cruz Megatower is Mega-tough and suited to high speed endeavours. A physical embodiment of 29er enduro philosophy.

Santa Cruz Nomad

Designed to tackle the hardest trails. The Nomad is a backcountry bike with 27.5 wheels to handle technical terrain and serious beatings. Take on the tough stuff with the Santa Cruz Nomad!

Santa Cruz Hightower

Santa Cruz's sweet spot. The Hightower has 150mm of travel to conquer extreme terrain. Sitting at the upper reaches of what we consider a trail bike the Hightower positions itself as a no comprimise, high confidence all-rounder.

Santa Cruz Blur

Marathon cross country rides and endless good times. The Santa Cruz Blur is updated with a slacker head angle and more travel. Super light, ready to go faster and further.

Santa Cruz Chameleon

It's adaptable, it's modular, it's a chameleon. A great bike for anything; dirt jumps, bike packs, single track. The chameleon really is the hardtail mountain bike for any task. Configurable with mixed , 27.5 Wheels or 29 inch wheels.

Santa Cruz Heckler

Mid travel Mixed wheels with some extra kick. The Santa Cruz Heckler is equiped with the shimano EP8 drive unit for super accurate power delivery. Ready to crush far out terrain.

Santa Cruz Bullit

Long travel paired with a shimano drive unit, designed to dominate the roughest climbs and descents. The Bullit is a no holds barred E-MTB born to conquer the virtually impossible!

Santa Cruz Highball

A flagship racing hard tail from Santa Cruz. The Highball is lean, mean and suprisingly supple. Engineered to win races and go fast.



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