3T Exploro Ultra Frameset Bikes 3T Racing Green 56 3T Exploro Ultra Frameset Bikes 3T Steel Blue 54 3T Exploro Ultra Frameset Bikes 3T Black Glossy 54
3T Exploro Ultra Frameset Bikes 3T Racing Green 56
3T Exploro Ultra Frameset Bikes 3T Steel Blue 54
3T Exploro Ultra Frameset Bikes 3T Black Glossy 54
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3T Exploro Ultra Frameset

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The Ultra was 3T's most difficult aerodynamic challenge to date. Start with massive 55-61mm tires and then make the bike aero. There’s nothing to do about the tires, they’re big and the knobs don’t help. What they can do is take the airflow mess that comes off the front wheel and try to catch and redirect it. That’s why you will see the 60mm wide downtube placed closely behind the front wheel, going even wider as it gets closer to the BB.
Blending this into the headtube with an off-center aero profile along with loads of other tricks gives you a bike that feels so much faster than your brain can compute. Because let’s be honest, when you see those tires, your brain gets ready for that slow, boring paved performance of a mountain bike. But thanks to your riding position, the aerodynamics, the BB stiffness and the narrow Q-factor, the Ultra actually feels 100% like a road bike when you want to go fast. Even when muddy.

3T Exploro Ultra Highlights:

  • PERFECT AERO CUTOUT: Close-fitting cutout to shield the rear wheel and achieve the most speed.

  • MIND THE GAP: No oversized gaps between front tire & downtube for better airflow transition and less turbulence.

  • HUGE CLEARANCE: The original Exploro set today’s standard for up to 54mm tire clearance. The Ultra has up to 61mm!

  • 60MM DOWNTUBE NECK: Upper downtube necks down to 60mm to pick up the airflow coming off the front tire.

  • 75MM DOWNTUBE BASE: Lower downtube aero profile is 75mm wide to fully shield water bottle.

  • SIZE-SPECIFIC DOWNTUBE: Reduced depth on smaller sizes to keep frame compliant and keep space for bottles.

  • MINIMALIST CROWN: Fork crown shapes haven’t changed much since brakes were attached there. Now that we have disc brakes, we don’t need that bulk of material and can reshape the crown for better strength, stiffness and weight. Plus better aerodynamics.

  • PURE-ROAD FORK LENGTH: With the shorter crown, we can make our forks 25mm (1 inch) shorter than other gravel bikes. Exactly the same as a road fork. This offers better stiffness, lower weight, an easier steering geometry and better aerodynamics.

  • DOUBLE-DROP CHAINSTAYS: Dropping the drive-side chainstay improves tire & crank clearance. Dropping the other side as well creates a much more efficient structure behind the BB for higher stiffness & strength as well as lower weight.

  • THREADED BB: Most of our complete bikes come with threaded BBs for the best alignment and to avoid any issues.  Yet we avoid gluing threaded alloy rings into the carbon (added weight, complexity and debonding risk).

  • DIRECT-MOUNT REAR BRAKE: Standard frames require an adaptor to use a 160mm brake rotor. We have integrated that into the frame, meaning you don’t need any extra pieces to attach the brake.

  • DIRECT-MOUNT FRONT BRAKE: Standard forks require a flip-flop adaptor to set the correct brake rotor size. Our direct-mount pre-sets the caliper for 160mm rotors without any extra pieces.

  • INTEGRATED FENDER MOUNTS: Invisible until you need them. Perfect for our custom fenders.

  • SELF-ALIGNING WEDGE CLAMP: Self-adjusting bolt angle for higher clamping forces with lower torque.

  • AERO SEATTUBE+ROUND SEATPOST: The seattube is kept aero yet it fits a round 27.2mm seatpost so you have many round, dropper or suspension post options.

Rider Height* (cm)145-160157-171168-180176-186183-195192&Up
Rider Height* (inches)4’9”-5’3”5’2”-5’7”5’6”-5’11”5’9”-6’1”6’0”-6’5”6’3”&Up
Fork axle-crown370370370370370370
"Road" headtube**125147161180201232
Head angle68.569.571.072.072.572.5
BB drop797977777575
Seat angle74.574,073.573.072.572.5
Seattube length436463490520549576
Toptube length506526546566586606
Front center597608609611621641
Rear center419419419419419419

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