Ass Savers Mudder Mini Gravel/CX Mudguard Accessories Contender Bicycles
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Ass Savers Mudder Mini Gravel/CX Mudguard

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While mountain bikers are used to mud, gravel bikers face a different challenge. With gravel rigs fitting larger and larger tires, much more opportunity is created to direct water, dirt and mud up and off of the front tire.  Anyone who has ridden on a wet gravel road is familiar with the mixture of fine sand and water that seems to be designed especially to seek and destroy bearings, not to mention what it does to your eyes on a long ride.

The Ass Savers Mudder Mini is here to offer relief for your face and headset bearing! Simply mount it to your fork legs just above your front tire and you will dramatically reduce the amount of spray in these critical areas. The Mudder Mini attaches with innovative adjustable anti-slip straps to guarantee an instant and perfect fit on all fork sizes. You'll need to have at least 8 mm side clearance between fork blade and tire wall in order to safely fit the Mudder Mini to your gravel fork. 

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