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Assos ASSOSOIRES Winter Face Mask

SKU: 210000098032

Assos ASSOSOIRES Winter Face Mask

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Brand: Assos
Categories: Headwear
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Don't let the cold winter air ruin your ride with this balaclava-style face mask. It is made to help you brave the elements in style and safety. With a merino-polypropylene blend tri-layer, 2XS thermo-hydrophilic membrane and push-pull technology, this mask from Assos uses moisture to help warm and cool you as needed throughout your bike ride. With a limited warranty and fitting hat sizes from 18.9 to 24.8 inches in diameter, you should be able to find the right size for you. 

Having the right gear for the coldest winter rides is the idea behind this piece. When others decide to cancel their rides, Assos is confident that you’ll ride straight through the winter and embody the ASSOS ethos of Suffer in Comfort. The high performance Assos ASSOSOIRE face mask ULTRA winter has been crafted to protect your head from the worst of the elements.