Assos Spring Fall Knee Warmer Evo Apparel Assos Black Series 0
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Assos Spring Fall Knee Warmer Evo

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The Assos Spring Fall Knee Warmer Evo is the perfect solution for those chilly rides during the shoulder seasons. Say goodbye to uncomfortable bunching and restriction common with other knee warmers, and say hello to a pair that are lightweight, high-stretch, and comfortably compressive.

Not only do these knee warmers provide protection against harmful UV rays on bright summer days, but they also actively manage your skin temperature, keeping you cool during hot rides and warming you up on the cooler days. Plus, their aggressive wicking capabilities keep you dry and comfortable, no matter the season. Whether you're taking on a challenging climb, pushing your limits on a long ride, or just cruising through the countryside, the Assos Spring Fall Knee Warmer Evo has got you covered. 

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