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Assos Women's UMA GT Spring/Fall Half Tights

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Assos Women's UMA GT Spring/Fall Half Tights

Brand: Assos
Categories: Shorts-bibs
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The Assos Women's UMA GT Spring/Fall Half Tights are sewn with a blend of ultrasoft and insulating fabrics, paired with proven female-specific UMA GT insert and signature fit. They're ideal for those cool fall and spring rides where full-length coverage and a touch of insulation make all the difference. To make a tight that would meet the demands of spring and fall's cooler-yet variable-conditions, Assos developed two new textiles specifically for the task.

The fit of the tights is where the UMAs really shine, falling under their regularFit category, which means they're lightly compressive where they need to be, but not as tight as Assos' racingFit apparel. The fabric panels flex with each pedal stroke, as they're both pre-shaped and sewn to fully wrap and support the upper and lower leg muscles while in motion. The insert is our UMA GT, featuring 8mm of plush memory foam for total comfort from the outset of every ride, and the fold-over 2L Waist design smoothly wraps across the abdominals for a secure, pressure-free fit.


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