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Avid Brake Pad - 20R Fits Frt/Rear

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The Avid 20R Brake Pad is a high-quality replacement brake pad designed for use with Avid V-brake systems. These brake pads are made from a durable rubber compound that provides excellent stopping power and long-lasting performance.

One of the key features of the Avid 20R Brake Pad is its symmetrical shape, which allows for easy installation and ensures that the pad wears evenly over time. The pad also has a curved design that matches the shape of the rim, providing maximum surface area contact for improved stopping power.

Another notable feature of the Avid 20R Brake Pad is its cartridge-style design, which makes it easy to replace the pads when they wear down. Simply slide the old pads out of the cartridge and slide the new ones in - it's that easy.

The Avid 20R Brake Pad is an excellent choice for cyclists looking for a high-quality and reliable replacement brake pad for their Avid V-brake system. The durable rubber compound and symmetrical design ensure that these pads will provide excellent stopping power and long-lasting performance, while the cartridge-style design makes them easy to replace when needed.

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