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Blackburn Core Pro Floor Pump

SKU: 210000109819

Blackburn Core Pro Floor Pump

Brand: Blackburn
Categories: Pumps-co2
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All new for 2021 is the Blackburn Design Core Pro bicycle floor pump. The sleek aircraft grade alloy construction and simplistically sexy design will make it a favorite addition to your personal bike shop. Call Contender Bicycles at 801-364-0344 for availability.

Take the demands of bike shop mechanics and the needs of the weekend warrior cyclist and you’ll find the Blackburn Design Core Pro Floor Pump. With its 51-inch hose you’ll be able to access your wheels whether they’re on the floor, on the hitch rack or even on the bike stand for repairs. 

The Core Pro Floor Pump is tall - nearly 29 inches - to give you more air pressure per pump. A stylish 3-inch floor mounted gauge makes for easy reading and interchangeable Presta, Schrader and Dunlop valves work perfectly with the AirTap head and in-line bleed button for pressure precision.

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