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Blackburn Outpost Carryall Bag

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Blackburn Outpost Carryall Bag

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Product Description

Introducing the Blackburn Outpost Carryall Bag, a bar-mounted feed bag that combines convenience and versatility for cyclists on the go. With its easy accessibility, this bag is designed to let you enjoy a quick snack while riding. But it doesn't stop there! The Carryall bag also offers ample space to accommodate tools, bear spray, wrappers, and any other essentials you need during those longer pursuits. As avid cyclists, we understand the importance of fueling up, and the Carryall bag ensures that you have easy access to sustenance whenever you need it. After all, nourishment is a vital component of the cycling experience.



Product Specifications
Capacity 1.2L
Mounting Options Hook and loop straps
Product Weight 79 grams
Water Resistance Water resistant - Extra protection against the elements