Campagnolo 12-Speed Ultra Link Chain Pin Components Campagnolo
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Campagnolo 12-Speed Ultra Link Chain Pin

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Unless you're meticulous with keeping your bike clean or the chain has reached the end of its lifespan, removing a Campagnolo 12-Speed chain from your bike is a rare occurrence. Nonetheless, the process is straightforward, and any standard chain tool can be used to complete the task.

However, when it comes to installing the 12-Speed chain, it's crucial to adhere to Campagnolo's specific instructions to ensure its proper function and durability. You will need an 12-Speed Ultra Link Chain Pin and a chain tool to press the rivet, as well as a peening tool to deform the leading end of the rivet once the pilot is snapped off. The UT-CN300 Chain Tool from Campagnolo can perform both tasks with ease due to its professional-quality finish. However, if you already have a high-quality chain tool like Park's CT-4, you'll only need Park's CT-12 peening tool to complete this critical last step.

It's worth noting that Campagnolo 12-Speed Ultra Link Chain Pins are only compatible with Campagnolo 12-Speed chains and are sold separately.

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