Product Description

Campagnolo Ekar is the Italian company’s entry into the gravel bike market. While there are myriad other options on the market, Campagnolo’s Ekar is not only the lightest gravel bike groupset on the market today, it brings it with lauded ergonomics, braking with excellent modulation, and cassette options that set this groupset apart from the competition.

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The components with which you’ll most likely interact in any groupset are the brakes and shifters. Thankfully, Campagnolo’s latest generation of Ergopower levers offer the same narrow shape as their mechanical brake options. This is complemented by a new C-shaped upshift lever found on the left side of the right lever, which makes it easier to shift gears in the drops of the handlebars. Further, Campagnolo promises their brake system – internally similar to Campagnolo’s other hydraulic disc brake options – offers easily-controllable braking power, important on low-grip surfaces of gravel riding.

1×13 means that there is a huge focus on the single rear derailleur, and the Ekar derailleur has received a lot of attention to meet the needs of gravel riding. Compared to Campagnolo’s other derailleurs, Ekar uses a parallelogram-style design and a clutch mechanism for improved shifting accuracy as well as a longer cage. Overall, Campagnolo claims that this derailleur is better-suited to move across a wide-range cassette while preventing unnecessary side-to-side movement.

Arguably the best-looking component in the group is the 1x Ekar 13 crankset. It is made of unidirectional carbon fiber and comes in at the same 145.5mm Q-factor as a road bike crankset. The crankset is offered with four chainring sizes (38t to 44t), three crank lengths (170mm to 175mm), and each crankset comes with a crank boot to protect the crank from rock strikes and scrapes.

Campagnolo’s Ekar cassettes are the stars of the show. Ekar 13-speed cassettes come in three iterations: a 9-36t Endurance, a 9-42t Gravel Race, and 10-44t Gravel Adventure options. Each cassette offers one tooth increments in the six highest gears for riding at higher speeds when cadence jumps matter more. While no cassette matches the range of SRAM’s 10-52t Eagle cassette, the 9-42t cassette offers a still-wide 467% range overall. Ekar cassettes require a Campagnolo N3W freehub.

The Ekar 13 groupset offers a choice between Pro-Tech bottom brackets, 140mm or 160mm Campagnolo AFS rotors, and the aforementioned cassette and crank choices. Ekar Ergopower levers and accompanying brakes complete the groupset.

While Ekar might be an excellent complement for an OPEN U.P., 3T Exploro, or other gravel bikes, this also makes for a distinctive choice for your next road bike.

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