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Classified G30 Wheelset (Cassette not included)

SKU: 210000131761

Classified G30 Wheelset (Cassette not included)

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Classified brings us a seamless alternative to the traditional front derailleur by offering their POWERSHIFT technology in a wireless 2 speed shifting system. This system is integrated into the rear hub of their carbon gravel wheels and allows you to shift gears in a split second, under a full load, and on any terrain.

A shift button, located on the Smart Handlebar Unit sends a wireless signal to the Smart Thru Axle. The Smart Thru Axle then communicates with your POWERSHIFT HUB that will then shift between 2 ratios. While this seems complicated, this all happens in 150 milliseconds to provide efficient shifting.

The CF G30 Wheelset is 700c and sports a 30mm rim depth. This offers plenty of versatility for tire selection. Additionally, these CF G30 are compatible with center-lock disc brakes.

Additional Features:

  • Shifting under full loads (up to 1,000 watts)
  • 24 gears, small steps, 451% gear range
  • More than 99% efficient
  • Weatherproof
  • Equally light or lighter than a traditional electronic groupset
  • Cassette not included

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